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April 29, 2007

Hi friends...here i would like to tell you, that Indonesia has a very beautiful scene,  the tourism resorts are pretty well. We have Kuta beach(Bali Island), Baron beach, Parangtritis beach and the like, and Borobudur Temple, Prambanan Temple, We also have Malioboro, A very beautiful Lombok Island, and so many other ones.

I havent mentioned Tangkuban Perahu Mountain!!!

It's a pretty well interesting place, I visited it when I was in Junior HIgh School. The place is very comfortable, the air is warm but in the same time it is cold, the warm temperature is caused of the sun, you know, Indonesia is in equator...it's like paradise...it doesnt bring you to get frozen...but you will be that warm, just like in front of the chimney all day long.

and the most important is the legend behind the Tangkuban Perahu Mountain, It is said that once upon a time, a child causing his mom being angry, it was a very terrible angry and finally the mother hit the kid's forehead with"centong"(it is the thing used to take the rice while we are eating in the dining room) . The "centong" was from wood, and it hurt the kid so much, and causing him left the house forever.

After getting adult, the kid happend to meet his mother BUT he DIDNT recognize her, AND the worst, he fell in love with her, for her mother wasnt that old, she was the same beautiful with the other girl,,,

The mother recognize him, and told him that she was his mom, but he didnt believe in her, He kept proposing her,,,

Having no choice, the mother asked him to make her a wooden ship in only a night, if the sun had raised and the boy would have finished the ship, then she would marry him,

The boy made the ship, while the mother kept praying in purpose he would never finishing the ship,

the sun rose and the ship was need only the last treatment, the mother said"the time has answered, I will no marry you" 

the kid getting angry and he kicked the ship,

and it is believed that the ship is  the Tangkuban Perahu Maountain...

it may not be that impress you, but I can make sure that the scene, flower, air , temperature, water,..oh My!!! That's wonderful...

anytime you want to come to Indonesia,  inform me...OK!!!I would love to recommend good places to visit...C U

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