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nothing venture nothing gain

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June 24, 2010

I seat behind my desk with coca cola (ufff... it's free) in front of me, sorry guys I brought it one I can't share it with you except you wanna take it ex of my sip at, heheh...though my big brother brought me one big box of coca cola, but I had no pretty hands to take two or more cans from the car when he dropped me at the lobby, while I got my over load carrying, cause today is Fridaaaaay....... it's weekend.. Time to go to Bandung!

This weekend is gonna be a hectic one, cause tomorrow I have a plan to visit my future husband's family, tomorrow is his mom's birthday, I'm ready with my present and ready to say "happy birthday" Sealed

And on Sunday, me, my mom and my daughters got a plan to meet my kids' future teacher. Yaay... my daughters are going to go to elementary school! I'm happy while on the other thought I'm worry. I'm happy cause I just got myself surprised that I've raised (with my mom) them up so far, and worry cause they are beginning entering a tiny part of real life. While I still work here in Jakarta, far away from them. Still praying to 4JJI of giving me the best. I miss them so bad!I wanna kiss them, shower them with hundred of kisses, pull their nose up, caress their hair, sniff out the copy of my hands on them, check their mouths and teeth, and waiting for they making a nose on them. Well, Alhamdulillah I'm soooo happy to be happy!

I also can't wait for the day, that I'm going to get marry with my future husband, marry him is something that I'm longing for the past a half year, marry him would be so contending. I can't wait how he would teach me as a wife and my daughters to be a better muslimah and giving him some new births, got new babies with the copy of his face...Awwww...I'm ready to change of getting better! Inshaallah...Hoping that I can change myself so he wouldn't too much work hard on me..heheh...That's why I can assure myself that he's the man.

I wanna go shopping, ummm... buy something for the ones I love ... 


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