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nothing venture nothing gain

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October 28, 2010

It's been a while, I haven't wrote anything since I met some one who called "my future husband". As I recall we used to chat on YM while we were working, he used to have time to buzz me, but it's different now, I talked a lot with others than him, well, something that seems I gotta wash of mind..."NOTHING LAST FOREVER". That's why I'm back to blogging now, back to Ebaby! where my life was begun here. Where I can spray the stuck feeling inside and getting better!

I just called my daughters, my lil' one picked the phone up, she just recovering from her fever, my daughters got fever easily lately, as their first grade at elementary school. My big daughter got medical check up a couple days ago, my lil one will follow, she got EEG, a graphical record of electrical activity of the brain, cause both of my daughters got convulsions because of high temperature of their fever. But my mom and me can't receive and find out the result of the record yet cause the doctor has his duty trip abroad, can't wait for the result on this fifth of November. I miss my daughters, hope my marriage will help them of getting better from their psychology point of view. I hope, I see my future hubby more closer to my nephews than to my daughters, a lil' bit sad, but it has took place, I promise I will never live my daughters, no matter what, ever! 

I missed my daughters so bad, I promised them something, they asked me on the phone, but the bad news is I can't reach home tonight, cause I got something to do tomorrow morning, I'll catch them tomorrow at noon, hope it won't disappoint them.

I feel better now, I don't have to call out for someone to make me feeling this way, just write it down, here, on these pages of my story of life, hah..sounds pathetic huh? but better than shout for no reasons, curse on my closer buddies, hurt the feeling of someone I love. 

Just writing and praying..



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12:13 AM Nov 29 2010


Iran, Islamic Republic Of

Your welcome Rudi

07:56 PM Oct 31 2010

rudi setiawan

To July,

Actually I disagree with you about telling your problem in this place, besides the problem will always exist, Also the problem is our "Private Parts", then we should not to open our "private parts" to others, even Allah had closed our "Private Parts" or even our "disgrace".

Your Future Hubb...,

Rudi Setiawan

Note : Thanks to Satar and others who always comment on problems of July, God hopefully reply to all your kindness.

09:35 AM Oct 30 2010


Iran, Islamic Republic Of

Hi sister

Be hopeful  and go ahead, future is for you. god certainly help you.

06:30 AM Oct 29 2010


Smile i'm glad to read your bolg...it is really a good place to write down anything we want...we cannot pick up sunshine at all times,when haze comes,we have to handle it,making life gose further and further ,better and better.