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nothing venture nothing gain

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October 29, 2010

I still sit here at my desk, I don't wanna go anywhere, meet anyone, I wanna call my daughters but I'm afraid they would ask again this over and over "is it true that mom will be home tomorrow?" huaaaaaa.... I don't know what to say, they would cry loud if I say yes, but if I say no meaning I've lied. But I really wanna have chat with them, listening their stories about school, their comforting.

I miss them so bad! Better out refreshing myself, walk around alone, enjoying the sadness inside... and asking to Allah, what is Your plan...


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03:46 AM Nov 25 2010

Eleanor Lei

     as a student ,i'm also far away from my home,of course my parents.but in my heart, i always miss them.so don't hesitate to chat with your child,they'll be very happy if you often talk to them about what you are thinking.and they always love you.there is nothing better than parents' love.as far as i'm concerned, i will be very happy if my parents call me, because it means that parents miss you and love you,too. julywidiawati,please just do it, or you'll feel lonelier and alienate your child.

08:41 AM Nov 24 2010



Before too late, being together with our child and mixing with their dayly live is more valueable than a bunch of money that we can collect. Grow together and we make a history. So we can smile at the future, onetime when a lonelynes is nothing but a reality.