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September 7, 2009


 It's been raining cats and dogs.  It's rainy season here until November.  

The Philippines has at least 21 typhoons a year.   and, sometimes, 2 or 3 in a row a month.   Several of the typhoons are like hurricane in strength.  And, we call it here super typhoon.

 There is no snow in my country. Only rains.  Lots of rains.  and, when it rains, it caused floods, flashflood, mudslide and landslide. This result are devastating to properties especially agriculture.  It also result to damages to properties like houses, roads and other structures.  

When the typhoon is strong, sometimes it is devastating to infrastructure like roads, bridges, and building.

The sea are rough.  Yesterday, a cargo ship with passengers sunk south of the country, and 7 were reported dead, and more than 900 were rescued.  Several were Korean passengers bound for Southern Philippines.

During typhoons, it is dangerous to go out to the sea because of big waves.  Sometimes there is storm surge.  when this happens, it is very very dangerous. 

The typhoon "Labuyo" has just left and going towards Japan.  But, its tail end is being intensified by the southwest monsoon.  Southwest monsoon is normal during rainy season.  So, even when there is no typhoon, southwest monsoon gives lots of rain. 

And, you can see streets are muddy and slippery.  Some are flooded, some are not.

When it rains, I bring umbrella to protect me from the rain.  But, sometimes, umbrella is not enough for protection especially if there is a strong wind, or gusty wind.  But, raincoat is not good when one will ride a passenger bus or jeep.  He/She will wet the seatmate.

 Rain is good and not good.  It is good because farmers can plant their rice or corn.  It is not good because it causes floods, and other calamities.

Does it rains in your country?   Do you like rains?  do you like to play in the rain?  what do you do when it rains in your country?


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09:56 AM Sep 07 2009

AL Kindi

AL Kindi
United Arab Emirates

so interesting, yeah I don’t like typhoon too.hmm actually I live in a desert country in the middle east. Our country got sea but it doesn’t rain much. in summer time (like now)  the weather is hot and humidity or Dusty with winds, some times its hard to breath out side. Its rare to see rain, some times it rains in the winter with Lightning and thunder. But the rain in our country rare makes damages, once it sinked allot of houses (villas)bcoz the rain was heavy ( just once). When the time comes for the weather to change, fog and cloudy first then after couples days we inter the season. part of my country got mountains, and it rains and snows there more than the place that am livening in, which is the capetal of the UAE >> Abu Dhabi<<. actually they are 7 emirates got united, so the 7enth one and it called Ras Al Khaimah ( which means the top of the tent>>bcoz in the past, when u inter it, u just see top of the tents but not any more now :)),  so there it snows and rinse more. and the same for the other emirates.the best season is winter, coz its cold (not too cold) and got nice breeze.

but every 5 years, a Hurricane or as u say typhoon comes  << that one makes allot of damages.

and yeahh i loooove rain, some times i walk under it >>but i get cold afetre << hehe

i love watching the rain falling also going out aftere the rain. XD