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Life Talk!

Do you feel that life is beautiful...? How



Fiends, I have heard from many friends that,

"Life is beautiful",what do you feel …?

Do you really realise that life is beautiful or just joking…?

06:31 PM Feb 02 2008 |

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Syrian Arab Republic

hi devendernagpal, i really miss your topic Smile

i think when the person reach to the maturity  in his/her life. he/she can to control his/her personality, that will help him/her to the success in his/her dealings ..that is a part of life happiness..

and when we have the answer of the big Qs about the life and the human ,that worry us..

may the wars and the evil around us, may the poverty in our houses . but the happinest inside us.. find it inside you, not inside the things ..

when you catch the hppiness, you will see the life is beatiful..

08:59 PM Feb 02 2008 |



Dear NabilaSh,

Thanks for your very kind posting,I agrre to your first part of answer very much,there are two ways of life the first & common is to behave according to siuations & person standing before you but in that case we miss our original,& a person who has seen his original face is unable to behave in that way because he can see the contra ditions in his or her behaviour & most of the people are unable to recognise their original face.

I know the tacts to hide my original feelings but it is like toturing myself.. when I know I am speaking lies how can I enjoy that. I know my few friends who enjoy that too but I don't agree with all of them,so I have decided to go alone.. It is really a very difficult path but I have been moved upon this by the existence.

The only tragedy with me is that I can't make understand to my very near person my wife, there is only one person in my life whom I lie nor do I wish to drop out of my life,she has become part of my life so how can I drop ?may be good or bad or challange for me.But I have decided to drop my that one  part of my life which belongs to her so as to remove her objections, as a respect to her views. 

I want to share with  all that I have learnt in my whole experiments with realities I want to make my friends aware of the facts that we are not living original life,the people who are not married yet do have the capacity to realise the facts before entering into contract of marriage..

Although I don't have any capacity to guide anyone but I feel some connection with whole existence  & humans & friends, so I want to open eyes of my friends so as to see contradictions of life.

The happines which  we enjoy is very costly, we loose our real self & certainly we can enjoy blissfulness which is our real inner .. when we can afford to live according to our real inner only then we can be fullfilled. 

03:00 AM Feb 03 2008 |




I think real happiness is in ACTING the way you think or feel instead of just observing how your life and your time go away.

At least I feel happy not when things are going right, but when there's something to improve, when I walk towards something (not necessarily a goal, it might just be a feeling) and also when my mind is clear and I can finally start to feel instead of just thinking. I feel happy when I feel connected with someone, when I can talk freely instead of having to control myself every second.

In other words, when I feel FREE, I feel happy.



devin: I'm also a bit like that. I can't just walk through life trying to live like everyone else, being attached to things, feelings, mental patterns that lead them nowhere.. Real happiness is being ourselves. It's accepting that, just as things come, things may go away. That there are moments in our life in which we need some people and we feel needed, and then when those moments are over we can't force any relationship, we just have to accept it and move on. It's something people have to learn by themselves. You can't teach someone to live, even though you can guide them, most of them choose what they think ((well, some don't even think about it)) to be the "easy" path. Live and let live

08:11 AM Feb 03 2008 |




the "live and let live" part wasnt supposed to be bold.. it was written like this:

* Live and let live * (but without spaces)

 sorry :)

08:12 AM Feb 03 2008 |



Dear Kamodia,
Thanks a lot for your kind posting,I absolutely agree with you.’real happiness is being ourselves’,This is what I am trying.. but before that I have made big efforts to know ‘who am I’& after knowing that it hard for me to sit silently..
Defintely there are two ways … one the most easy one is to sit silently & the second is to share it with all universe.. 2nd has his own difficuties but I want to accept the challange,I feel disturbed just by looking upon the world but silence is maitained automatically. you can read my blog too,but I like to share with my friends so as to give questions only.. & I know if someone has question he will definetly find answer to that.. I wish to create big question marks..
I never feel capital letters or bold letters …
“live & let live” are the only words not just to be written in capital & bold letters alone but in golden letters too.

09:08 AM Feb 03 2008 |



Dear miss K S A,
Money is not bad thing as we feel, we have a guilt about it too,Actually how do we eran it is more important,it is another matter that money could not be colleceted by honest doings in general,When we collect money we exploit some one or the other,but see the rich people & see the dryness in their eyes.. they consume a lot of time in just earnings.. but their are people too who don’t work & they enjoy trillions of $s I don’t know how do they manage to do all that..but see the two trllioners …Ambani brothers who fighting with their own brother,I don’t feel that their soul has grown a little than other people.

09:34 AM Feb 03 2008 |

twinkle twinkle


life is beautiful regradless of the misery we see before our eyes. I think every one should feel the beauty around, and happiness never comes from the outside. Each soul s happy in a way that can help enduring what is unbeautiful about life!
good question that you raised

09:47 AM Feb 03 2008 |



Maybe life was quite beautiful at one time for some reasons.

But life isn't always beautiful,for instance,now.I have nothing to do everyday,no dream. 

03:11 PM Feb 03 2008 |



Yes,happiness lies in contentment,but if we are not contented then….?

all of just say that life is beautiful but actualy it is not so ,life is so hard how can be it beautiful…?

Sweta ,What beauty you see in your life …?

Whatever the contentment you say ..is it for ever…?

How do you say LIFE IS BEAUTIFUL WITH ALL IT"S PAINS,Yes it's very true that I feel lucky by having so nice friends..I really want to touch the feet of my every friend here…

04:33 PM Feb 03 2008 |



Dear Twinkle Twinkle,

When life is miserable how can we feel that life is beautiful,What ever the beautiful & strong words may be ,but all of them lack "soul"of the words,We should stop this hypocracy in order to find the real beauty if it exists or not.. we should not make fool of us.

You say "each soul is happy", do you know your soul.. ?  if yes only then one can speak on behalf of 'soul' otherwise I feel we don't have right to use these words. We should be honest at least with our self.

04:42 PM Feb 03 2008 |