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Life Talk!

An idea suddenly occured to me! Let's improve our english together ! Stir youself!!!1

wendy wang

wendy wang


Let's go folks! One slang on day!

An idea suddenly occurred to me …......we can share the slangs or useful expressions you learned from movies or songs and you think very useful and practical in daily life  together…...................

There are many slangs in english and some of them can't be found in your textbook…. i think only the native speakers understand the deep meaning of it….

but they are very useful and enrich  your language ., the problem is we seldom have the oppotunity to use them in our daily life so despite that we may have read the slang b4 but forget it very soon…......

eg :"she is always running the show' means she is the boss she decides …......

04:32 AM Apr 15 2007 |

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North Korea

I'll be dug outta ya!                   I'll beat you up!Laughing

05:31 PM Apr 21 2007 |

wendy wang

wendy wang


hjbql2   it is good  lol

when the shit hits the fan :When the truth is discovered the consequences will be felt.E.g."You're in big trouble when the shit hits the fan."


Good sunday everyone 

03:31 AM Apr 22 2007 |

wendy wang

wendy wang


big dog:the person ,the organization or the country has overwhelming saying right.

I don't hope the United States is the only big dog in the world.

Mircrosoft is a big dog in software industry….........

04:32 AM Apr 23 2007 |




I've got her under my skin. She is under my control so I use her for my own purpose.

Here is a brief story about Power and Beuty.If you believe me, I'm the boss of underworld who operate behind the wall, behind the back, and in the dark.In the story, the man has immense power, she has beauty.The man wants her beauty and she longs for his love and I want his power by using her to get it.I know how to run things, but forget the FBI who investigates the affair and discovers that she is under my skin.The FBI screws up the affair by hitting her instead of capturing me.The End. Wink


04:58 AM Apr 23 2007 |

wendy wang

wendy wang


A sheet in the wind and Three sheets in the wind

homey!  don't drink any more you are alrealy a sheet in the wind….If you finish the drink you will be three sheets in the wind .

 a sheet in the wind," meaning 'somewhat drunk', tipsy

so three sheets in the wind means? -> 'extremely drunk'

05:56 AM Apr 24 2007 |



Get laid.

My parent threw our a big party for my 17 birthday at the baseball stadium to mark the end of a journey from a boy to become a man.Although all my schoolmates high spirit and urges, there're no wild dancing, a drinking spree or sexy performaces.it was a pure family affair.It was one of big events in my tribe and my neigborhood to keep up with the dudes.

Now the party is over.All my peer cheer up for becoming a man, I can do what a man do.Before the event, I couldn't smoke, drink and get laid.All films I had seen were PG 13. With high expectation from my peers and myself I think things will be totally different. But the reality is I am still living with my parents, I still can't smoke, drink alcohol, watch NC 17 films as well as Get laid.Everything seems to me is a dupe. Tongue out 

05:22 AM Apr 25 2007 |

wendy wang

wendy wang


->one of the biggest

dupe refers to someone who has been tricked

zero: to be deficient of an redeeming qualities.

Eg:"Are you dating with him? He is such a zero!"

05:59 AM Apr 25 2007 |



Get laid = HAVE SEX

If you have a free time, please try to see Sideways, a good film about pondering questions about the directions in life, where I picked up the slang.I think it is one of the most useful and powerful slangs I have ever get. What do you think ???

Here is the story how I got it

One morning when my parents were going out of town, it was a great time for me to indulge my self so I took a cigarete, drank a tiny glass of wine while watching NC. 17 film, Sideways.If you ask me why I did it where my parents were absent I have a godd reason.I was afraid of them.My father used to run the show, he desides what things I can't do and what should I do. As I said before I can't smoke, drink, see NC17 films and get laid.Although after the party I was supposed to become a man, nothing have changed in my private life.In family matters, my father is unusual person, he is the only Boss.To honest I should've proud of him.He is a workaholic and successful businessman, a primadona among his peers.Smile

06:33 AM Apr 26 2007 |

wendy wang

wendy wang


errr it is okay      Surprised        Laughing

 beemer/ hottie / be high and mighty

Today one thing really pissed me off ….When i was on the way to my workplace, a beemer suddenly stopped and was in my way.the person got off the beemer was a hottie who was really well-developed and she didn't glanced me at all….what should she be so high and mighty on earth?!!!!

 That's all for today …...........

08:40 AM Apr 26 2007 |




My father just read on the internet about the high and mighty Hottie you had met in the street. So he wants to be in the public eye like her and other celebrities.He knows that most famous people go into public life. I wish his dream would come true, his photos and scoops in magazine, national newspapers, tv and on the internet most of the time. I myself don't like public life because no paparaze out there where ever I go.No paparaze, TV reporter or Newspaper journalist is interested in me.  

But inside, I was thrilled.If he spend most of his time in public, he will have less time at home.That means I have more space and time to do the things I like doing like chatting, watching my favorite NC 17 videos, and sleeping.Cool

05:10 AM Apr 27 2007 |