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caught my eye

caught my eye

Date: Feb 01 2007


1. Quote - Listen to the quote and guess what the slang means.

“I think it’s just those are the projects that have caught my eye.”

Lindsay Lohan explaining why she’s been working on independent films.


1. Definition - Study the definition.

got my attention; piqued my interest; turned my head

2. Use - Learn how the slang is used.

When something catches your eye it makes you take notice. It piques your interest. Lindsay Lohan is saying that the scripts for independent films are the ones that have caught her eye. She means that those scripts are the ones she thought were interesting.

You can use this expression to describe a person or an inanimate object.

Say you are dancing at a club, and you notice one guy in the crowd who you think is really cute. The next day you could say, “There was one guy dancing last night who really caught my eye.

Say you are shopping at the mall and you see a dress you like at one shop, and a pair of shoes at another, but you buy nothing. Later, you can say, “I didn’t buy anything at the mall, but a couple of things caught my eye.

Advertisers work hard to create advertisements that catch your eye. They want to pique your interest enough that you check out their product, whether it’s an ipod or a car.


1. Examples - Hear some example sentences.

“There was a dress at the mall today that really caught my eye. I should have bought it.”

“Did anything catch your eye at the flea market? I got some great old records.”

“What do you know about that guy? He really caught my eye at the party last night. Can you introduce us?”


1. Winners - See who guessed the slang definition correctly.

Lindsay mean those projects caught her atention. She was interested in those projects since the very first moment she noticed them.
by meli_rubi
made me pay attention
by oceangirl05
=peter= it means something like "attention for an eye", "draw attention".
by =peter=
dringfun grab my attention
by dringfun
it caught her attention!
by littlegermanese
Projects that I am interested.
by r3le2002
attracted myself, made me keep on thinking or doing something
by helenhorse
Karenshine got my interests; attract me
by Karenshine
attract ,interested
by yanne_yhtan
interesting to me
by desireest
Anastasiya To attract attention
by Anastasiya
nugroho It gets my attention, it is the interesting thing that I am interested in it.
by nugroho
to pay attention
by anna1
It means projects which are attractive to her (She felt good)
by t_nanu@rediffmail.com
i guess: chinese: 吸引住了她. ENGLISH GUESS: she was attracted by independent films. caught one's eye: attracted somebody
by kathy-scarlett
attached sb's interest
by xiehaibing
"caught my eye" means "make me wonder" or "awake my interest"
by Zezag
caught my attention,
by shameeralim
snello attracted my attention : )
by snello
It means called my attention. Cheers!
by Evangelina
di3s3l Lindsay's is telling us about the projects that have caught her attention.
by di3s3l
caught my eye means that something really attracts you,makes you feel devout about it.
by tongduytan
Attracted me, I am interested in
by cynthiachunyan
guise It must mean being really interesting at first glance
by guise
that interests me
by gwayer2
have attracted my attention
by wonkapet
Engross the intention, love to see,
by Everwelwisher
I thinks "caught my eye" means that something is really good, capable to conquer you, not easy to forget.
by Pachis
anano83 to caught one's eye - to deserve one's attention.
by anano83
revilo take my attention.
by revilo
anit_kane It means.. those projects made her interested ot work.
by anit_kane
She is emotional touched from such projects. This kind of projects have an eyecatcher-character to her.
by Diffamie
projects that have drawn her attention or that she has found interesting.
by chilena12
云淡风轻 attract me
by 云淡风轻
very interested
by sandra tiriba
it means"attracted my attention"
by jixie_91
inana took my attention,
by inana
to catch the attention, to attract the attention, smth that you are interested in
by glazki
drawn my attention
by gracemlui
caught my eye means drew my attention,attracted my attention.
by impala
To have been getting interesting.
by Hugh Marr
it means catch attention or attract attention. she mean's to say that she has been attracted towards or been interested in those kind of projects only.
by neerja
JazzThing Projects which have been interesting for her...
by JazzThing
amlan equivalent of getting my attention.
by amlan
AziLet i guess the phrase caught my eye means something that gets a persons attention
by AziLet
Drew my attention
by leonjoel
mina_sto catch somebody's eyes-make someone pay attention on something;meaning, in this case, that there are some projects that made her interested in them
by mina_sto
amado things attract her
by amado
catch one's attention/attach one's attention/ attract oneself
by amyqi
Feel Interesting about her work
by Jasmine Zhou
mrdmrddld attract my attention
by mrdmrddld
Attract her attention.
by yonfifi
attractive,make me interest in
by changawy
something that calls your attention, a thing that attracts you.
by milaviajante
When something or someone catches your eye is because you really feel atracted to it/him/her.
by anfelibest
ElBeam It means that you have noticed something that draw your attention
by ElBeam
Something attracted me.
by waleedmahmoud
"caught my eye" is the same of "called my atention"
by mari_mariana
osatoga It's something that call my attention. it's something I'm strongly interested on.
by osatoga
the projects that have interested me.
by LO
Lena1234 caught my eye means that she liked them from the first time she saw them & like my eyes came directly on them
by Lena1234

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Lindsay Lohan is caught  my eyes.

12:26 PM Nov 25 2010 |



it is something that make me concentrate .

12:25 PM Nov 25 2010 |


Iran, Islamic Republic Of

Is that really what caught your eye? u must be fruitcake

10:39 AM May 12 2010 |




good lesson THANKS A LOT!!!!! before i was wrong it merits 5 stars

06:30 PM Feb 01 2007 |




this lesson realy cought my eye

05:21 PM Feb 01 2007 |




Some people here catch my eye !! :-)

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English and American people really caught my eye.I love him

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Ebaby really catches my eye.

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