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To Shave or Not To Shave

To Shave or Not To Shave

Date: Mar 06 2007

Themes: Fashion, Health


1. Learn Vocabulary - Learn some new vocabulary before you start the lesson.

2. Read and Prepare - Read the introduction and prepare to hear the audio.

Expectations of women vary greatly around the world, from behavior to dress to… body hair.

In the US, most women shave their legs and armpits, but usually only when they are going to be showing. Generally, American women don’t shave their armpits much in the winter. But once they are wearing tank tops, they shave. By contrast, in Europe, it is more common to see armpit hair on women. But we never see any body hair on fashion models, whether American or international.

The subject of body hair is not something people generally talk about. It’s more often something girlfriends talk about among themselves. But listen to Mason and Amanda get up close and personal on the subject of shaving.


1. Listen and Read - Listen to the audio and read the dialog at the same time.

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2. Study - Read the dialog again to see how the vocab words are used.





Mason:  Can I ask you a blank question?

Amanda:  Yes.

Mason:  Do you shave your armpits?

Amanda:  Sometimes.

Mason:  Sometimes.

Amanda:  When it’s convenient for me or when it’s warm outside and I’m wearing something that reveals my armpits. Otherwise...

Mason:  Uh huh.

Amanda:  ... No. Why bother?

Mason:  But when you’re saying when it reveals your armpits.

Amanda:  Mm hm.

Mason:  I’m not saying I’m a fan of armpit hair on, on women but it obviously is there. Uh, why do you think that when it’s exposed that you need to be clean?

Amanda:  I don’t want to offend anyone who may be offended by that sight. But what’s interesting is when I travel internationally, I don’t have to worry about that and it’s fabulous.

Mason:  Yeah.

Amanda:  It’s the most liberating feeling that I’m not going to offend anyone.

Mason:  Why do you… why do you care, I mean…

Amanda:  That I don’t have to shave for anyone.

Mason:  Offend who? Like, that just seems silly.

Amanda:  It is silly. It… and it’s vain. I agree.

Mason:  I’m OK with vanity.

Amanda:  I’m working on it and I would like to one day be OK with the fact that…

Mason:  This doesn’t just happen.

Amanda:  Oh, really?

Mason:  Yeah.

Amanda:  That’s art. Just how it’s…

Mason:  Oh, yeah. It’s sculpted like a Chinese Garden.

Amanda:  Do you want me to sculpt my armpits?

Mason:  You know, maybe that’s what you should do. You should just have fun with it.

Amanda:  Well, I’m gonna need to buy a stencil kit.

Mason:  Mm hm. I can recommend a place.



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The introduction says that Mason and Amanda get “up close and personal.” This is an expression that means two people share personal information with one another. “Up close” implies that there is very little physical distance between them. “Up close” is the opposite of “far away.” If you look at something “up close,” your eyes are only inches away from whatever you are looking at.

When Mason says “blank question” he means “frank question.” He means he wants to ask Amanda a very direct and somewhat personal question.

Amanda knows that in the US, most women shave their armpits. That’s why she shaves hers. She knows this is silly but it is difficult to go against social norms.

When Mason says “This doesn’t just happen” he is referring to his facial hair. He shaves it in a certain pattern. He and Amanda joke that she should do the same thing with the hair under her arms!

Do women shave their armpits in your country?



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Some yes some no. It is depend on what are they wearing. But now very little people wearing tank top in mmy country. But some people said that they are used to shave their armpits. Just weird when seeing women with their body hair on hhhhh

03:45 PM Dec 20 2018 |



Iran, Islamic Republic Of

I think mason is a busybody boy for that blank Q.

Ofcourse that women shave their armpits ..what a question! as others mentioned its personal hygiene  especially our religion ISLAM recommends it to be clean.

Even if your armpit is not exposed i think you have to shave it for the sake of hygiene.

03:49 PM Sep 30 2014 |


United States

I like hairy Girls really!

09:48 PM Nov 23 2012 |

Old Yeller

Old Yeller

United Arab Emirates

Both men and women must shave it and remove it , and dont left it more than forty days without shaving

08:20 PM Aug 15 2011 |



Saudi Arabia

Yes in my country the women shaving and use wax

nice topic :)

06:03 PM Jan 12 2011 |


Syrian Arab Republic

In my country it’s the norm 4 women 2 shave everything,including neighbors’ armpits! That was a joke dummies! But it’s like i think its great to be hair free regardless of gender.

08:27 PM Jul 22 2010 |



Russian Federation

Actually, I’m surprised to know that most women in Europe and the USA don’t shave their armpits regularly. I do it in summer and winter, doesn’t matter what I wear. For me it’s, first of all, hygiena. And I know that most women here, in Russia, do shave their armpits regularly. But of course it’s everyone’s own business to shave or not.

06:17 PM Oct 22 2007 |



Russian Federation

Actually, I’m surprised to know that most women in Europe and the USA don’t shave their armpits regularly. I do it in summer and winter, doesn’t matter what I wear. For me it’s, first of all, hygiena. And I know that most women here, in Russia, do shave their armpits regularly.

06:15 PM Oct 22 2007 |



i had waxed my hair in my arms in summer.

06:18 AM Mar 27 2007 |


United States

amanda & mason are so fun together, i like to listen two of you very much….

09:15 AM Mar 09 2007 |

dont say no

United Arab Emirates

i think every women shaved legs and arm not only in fashion but the beutiful women is did thet and can i say saw looking to the moon :)

10:51 PM Mar 06 2007 |



This essay is funny.

12:33 PM Mar 06 2007 |



Russian Federation

i think that it`s important for every women to be beatiful,and shave(especially,of legs and armpits) is one part of this

11:59 AM Mar 06 2007 |


Viet Nam

Hey,it’s an interesting topic, individual topic should have been talked sooner.Be opened!

10:34 AM Mar 06 2007 |




To sculpt the armbits like a Chinese Garden. It’s really funny! I never heard it before … :-))

09:28 AM Mar 06 2007 |




i think shaving any thing from his body seems to me just normal!!because it’s your body!! so when you feel better with that so then why not!!

08:30 AM Mar 06 2007 |


Iran, Islamic Republic Of

that is a good idea to shave armpits just when they are going to grow up…
a bit strang subject :)

07:40 AM Mar 06 2007 |




Quite silky topic

05:38 AM Mar 06 2007 |




Frankly, it is funy to sculpt hers

03:57 AM Mar 06 2007 |



what mean is “get up close and personal 。。。”?

02:19 AM Mar 06 2007 |

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