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Like Father, Like Daughter

Like Father, Like Daughter English, baby! Video Lesson

Date: Feb 09 2010

Themes: Family, Friend

Grammar: Adverbs


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After a long road trip, Beren is finally home.

It all started when she went to visit her twin sister, who is in prison for kidnapping her. She learned that her father may not be who she thought he was, and she took off so fast that her friends had to figure out what happened to her.

But she found time for them on the road. In fact, they bothered her by calling and asking for advice so often! But now she has returned with stories to tell about finding her real father, and like any good friend, gifts for everyone!

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2. Study - Read the dialog again to see how the vocab words are used.









Devan:  So, Beren’s gonna be here any minute now.

Jason:  Yeah. And she said that on her enormous cross country road trip she got us all gifts.

Dale:  What? Gifts?

Jason:  Yeah!

Dale:  Gifts. That’s a true friend.

Jason:  I know.

Dale:  Always bringing gifts.

Jason:  Always thinking of her friends and other people.

Dale:  Yeah. That’s rare.

Jason:  Wait. Here she is! Come on in.

Devan:  Hey!

Jason:  Oh my gosh.

Beren:  I’m back.

Jason:  Did you find your real dad?

Beren:  I did. I did indeed.

Jason:  Sweet.

Dale:  You did.

Jason:  But first it looks like you brought some business to…

Beren:  I brought some things.

Dale:  Do you want me to go out to the car and get some more stuff?

Beren:  No, no. I was able to fit it all in a bag. It’s very…

Jason:  Oh, OK. Cool.

Beren:  And I got something special for…

Devan:  Yeah you did.

Beren:  ...each one of you.

Jason:  Nice.

Beren:  Each tailored to your specific tastes.

Devan:  What?

Beren:  It’s OK. Shh. You don’t have to say anything now. For you…

Devan:  I’m honestly speechless.

Beren:  For you…I mean, you have everything, right?

Jason:  Yeah.

Beren:  I was in Kentucky…

Jason:  OK.

Beren:  ...and I found this. The birthplace of US security. A lock. And for you, I got you some props.

Dale:  Oh.

Beren:  That’s from Hollywood, California. Some genuine teeth.

Dale:  Wow.

Jason:  Beren, did all your gifts come from a truck stop?

Beren:  I know these gifts were hastily chosen, maybe not specifically to your tastes, but as close as I could get. So, the reason that they were so hastily chosen is that I could not tear myself away from my dad.

Jason:  Oh.

Beren:  He was amazing. We have so much in common. ‘Cause we have so much in common, we were like, “Oh, we should get matching tattoos.”

Jason:  Right.

Beren:  Like, maybe half a heart, like, he’d have the other half of the heart.

Jason:  Whoa.

Beren:  Or, like, a dragon tail.

Jason:  OK.

Beren:  And I’d have the flames.

Jason:  Yeah, yeah, yeah.

Beren:  Instead, he got me…

Devan:  Temporary tattoos.

Beren:  ...awesome temporary tattoos.

Jason:  I see the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.

Beren:  It doesn’t. You guys have to meet him.

Jason:  Definitely.

Beren:  He’s awesome.


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After driving all over the country, Beren has come home. She told her friends she was bringing gifts for them. Dale and Devan imagine that Beren has bought them really expensive gifts, so they’re surprised when she says all the gifts fit in a little bag.

It turns out the gifts aren’t so good. Beren got Devan a placeholder for kicking a football, Jason a lock and Dale some false teeth. It looks like she has a very used basketball ready for another friend.

Beren explains that she got the gifts at the last minute because she was having so much fun with her dad. She and her dad intended to get tattoos together, but ran out of time and just got temporary tattoos instead. Like father, like daughter it seems. Both Beren and her dad can end up doing stuff at the last minute, so as Jason says, the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.

Are you very much like your parents in some ways?



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Viet Nam

yes, my father work hard when he was young. he's so consciencous, thoughful. he's crazy about manchester united.

02:00 PM Apr 17 2011 |




Humm It depends I have a particular opinion about "way people"...I'm adept of Astrology ideas,so I see that issues I little different…My way is a little different of my parents but sure we have many points in common…For instance,My father is Capricorn and My mom is Aquarius,so I'm Taurus…I'm more like my father than my father because Capricorn and Taurus are similar in many points but quite differents in other points and pretty different of Aquarius…Got you? ;)

02:28 PM Feb 20 2010 |



Russian Federation

As for the gifts … I don't think that it's only a matter of attention like you can present anything to your friend and it's good enough 'cause it's a sign that you cares about a person and so on. If you really want to make a friend or anyone a little happier you had to make some efforts to find a gift tailored to him or her. It doesn't mean that a present must be always expensive. Not at all. It must be just tailored (useful, funny or smth else) to your friend. And of cause if you want to find such gift you had to spend your time or money. But I think it's much better than just a polite gesture of presenting anything 'cause it shows your real care.    

01:30 PM Feb 13 2010 |




maybe in some aspects. but we are different in others, like im a person very economic and they are not very much, what sometimes is funny.

10:15 PM Feb 11 2010 |




haa :D 

it's funny 

12:51 PM Feb 11 2010 |

funda bulut


l think  it is funny and ıf l take a grift from a friend l am suprise and l feel myself such a pure girl

10:26 AM Feb 10 2010 |




04:02 AM Feb 10 2010 |

s id

Saudi Arabia

  true friends always thinking about friends .                                                                               

10:26 PM Feb 09 2010 |



Icompletely agree with our Jordanian's opinioin, that is why we should select our life parteners in an elective way.


08:17 PM Feb 09 2010 |



Beauty is skin deep!

08:06 PM Feb 09 2010 |


Russian Federation

its no matter how excpencive the gift is, the matter is the attention, because a person who is buying the gift obviosly is thinking about the receipient. the people dont have the same free monny to paying gifs, so the gesture is to apreisiate, not the value

02:32 PM Feb 09 2010 |




She could have gotten them all new cars or brought them the most expensive jewelry and in the end, I don't think that it would have made a difference from what they had actually received.  Gratitude or appreciation has nothing to do with the material value of a gift. A true friend would have been grateful only to have received the proof of friendship in that they had been thought of even while the bearer of these gifts had been so caught up in what must have been a tremendous emotional conflict of having found the source or path (the male gene) of her very existence.  Forget material gifts, but always remember the only true gift, that being the gift of love. Smile and make me beautiful.

01:30 PM Feb 09 2010 |


Dominican Republic

actually was an interesting history. very good.

12:51 PM Feb 09 2010 |



I think that people have to be happy for the presents that they receive even if is not to good for them.. but i think the presents she brought are so stupid… just like as if she were making fun of them … XP

11:16 AM Feb 09 2010 |




thanks so much cuz i learned  a lot from this lesson keep going forward :)

10:11 AM Feb 09 2010 |



Any one who  presents you a gift, regardless of its value it is kind of love and you should show at least some satisfaction and we have to avoid to behave like Dale and Devean. 

08:36 AM Feb 09 2010 |




Well, for sure. if not in actions it can be in genes.Ibelieve, it's heritage stuff and what parents bred their children on. It, plays a crucial rule in our life.

05:54 AM Feb 09 2010 |

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