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Iron Man 2

Iron Man 2

Date: Jun 09 2010

Themes: Pop Culture

Grammar: First Conditional


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Two years ago, the first Iron Man movie was a hit with critics and audiences alike. Now Robert Downey Jr. is back as Tony Stark, a brilliant engineer who creates a powerful metal suit that turns him into a superhero. In this action-packed sequel, the U.S. government wants to gain control of Iron Man’s armor, raising questions about who should be responsible for keeping the world safe.

Iron Man 2 deals with some pretty deep ideas. But as Mason explains, it’s still just a superhero movie at heart.


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Mason:  Have you caught Iron Man yet? Iron Man 2?

Jason:  I haven’t seen either, but this second Iron Man is like…it’s craze. It seems like everyone’s talking about, everyone’s seeing it.

Mason:  It’s kind of, you know, set up to be the blockbuster...the summer blockbuster this year.

Jason:  Yeah.

Mason:  I mean…and it was a lot of fun. Robert Downey Jr. owns the movie, he’s just so charismatic.

Jason:  Really?

Mason:  Yeah, if you liked the first one, which I guess you haven’t seen, you’ll totally like the second one. You know, I think it goes down too many plot paths though, like there’s the whole thing with the government trying to privatize world peace, Robert Downey Jr. says.

Jason:  Man, yeah, a privatized military’s a pretty terrifying concept, actually.

Mason:  Yeah. So needless to say though, the movie doesn’t really dwell in that dark territory for too much. But there is, there’s other stuff, like him kind of struggling with his mortality, you know, and like carrying the responsibility of being this savior.

Jason:  So do you think it overreaches?

Mason:  It does, I think it spread itself a little thin. But, you know, it’s…at the end of the day there’s some really cool fights with dudes in metal suits versus other dudes in metal suits, and robots and…Robert Downey Jr.’s awesome, and Scarlett Johansson’s pretty smokin’ hot in it. So, you know, it’s worth your 10 dollars.


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Mason and Jason both think that Iron Man 2 is going to be this year’s big summer blockbuster. Mason recently saw the film. He thought Robert Downey Jr. did a great job playing Iron Man. But he thought the movie tried to do too much.

In the movie, the U.S. government wants to gain control of Iron Man’s metal suit. The government doesn’t think that a private citizen or corporation should be responsible for keeping world peace or own an army. The movie also deals with Iron Man’s personal struggles. Sometimes he feels like he has too much responsibility in life.

What are your responsibilities? Do you ever feel like you have too much responsibility?



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Iran, Islamic Republic Of

i like iron man,he has a lots of power,and i like power:)

07:25 AM Apr 14 2013 |



After the eqrthquake at North East Japan on 3.11, I have decided to save energy more than before. I didn’t use air conditionar in my room whenever it was very hot summer and very cold winter. Because I think it is my responsibility to save energy.

P.S. I like this movie. I watched Iron Man 1 and 2. I hope I can watch Iron Man 3 either.

12:38 AM Apr 14 2013 |


United Arab Emirates

I watch the Movie the end it was awesome, I felt little boring in the middle of the movie… but in the end it was nice movie _

12:24 AM Jul 20 2010 |




I really liked both films! but my favorate was the second movie I guess It had more action ;)

Beforetime I scaped of big responsabilities now I'm involved with too much one :P


07:58 PM Jul 13 2010 |


Saudi Arabia

why don't find film ??

i am sad :( 

12:36 PM Jun 18 2010 |


Russian Federation

i actually totally disliked the film :) it was soo borin' to watch it

maybe i just don't loike such kinds of films.. or i went there with a wrong person :D 

05:54 PM Jun 15 2010 |




i think i like  this  movie  because it's action-packed  ,

there  are  many situation where  i feel  i am  responsible  for  every thing  happen]

iguess  this  movie  worth my  10 dollars  

04:06 AM Jun 15 2010 |




good flick !!

09:17 PM Jun 14 2010 |



cool! this movie gonna hit everywhere but I haven't seen it either

Iron man 2 will be epic superhero ever!!!!!!!!!!

04:59 PM Jun 14 2010 |




i saw iron man , one and two ..both are super cool :) and i like actors who play in the movie ,,Robert Downey Jr. ,Scarlett Johansson and other..

Good movies and good actors ;) m8

07:16 PM Jun 10 2010 |

1 person likes this

Debby cruz

Debby cruz


I hate this movie.Idon't like these kind of movies

11:53 AM Jun 10 2010 |

Tariq Awwad


I dont like this kind of movies , Iron Man1 was better than it .

07:50 AM Jun 10 2010 |


El Salvador

i love iron man

03:47 PM Jun 09 2010 |

1 person likes this

Vina Novalina


I like this movie 'coz Robert Downey Jr.  in it, he is so damn cool but Iron Man1 is better than Iron Man2…

02:24 PM Jun 09 2010 |




What a surprise, I thought I'm the only one who likes Iron man 1.

02:09 PM Jun 09 2010 |



ı dont like these kinds of movies

01:49 PM Jun 09 2010 |




فلم يستحق المشاهدة

10:18 AM Jun 09 2010 |


United States

It seems like every one likes the movie, maybe it'll be the motive to watch it.

wish a nice time to every one 


08:05 AM Jun 09 2010 |




I felt responsibility only when I had started working….before I just enjoyed of my freedom)....speaking about the movie I didn't like it the first Iron Man was better…the idea of IM 2 is not interesting. I expected to see more actions. 

06:02 AM Jun 09 2010 |




smokin' hot ,really smokin' hot ,there's no reason not to catch it!

04:49 AM Jun 09 2010 |

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