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Date: Jul 05 2010

Themes: Music, School

Grammar: Comparatives and Superlatives


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You know those kids in your high school who were always leaping and twirling down the hallway, belting out show tunes to an invisible audience? Well, someone decided to give them a TV show. It’s called Glee, and it’s currently one of the most popular shows in the US.

The series follows a group of kids in a high school glee club, as they sing and dance their way through school. The soundtrack from the show has sold millions of copies. Find out if Glee makes Beren and Dale want to burst into song.


1. Listen and Read - Listen to the audio and read the dialog at the same time.

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2. Study - Read the dialog again to see how the vocab words are used.





Dale:  Have you watched the TV show Glee?

Beren:  I have. I actually love it.

Dale:  You do love it.

Beren:  I do, I do. Do you like it?

Dale:  I think it’s one of the best TV shows on TV today.

Beren:  You seem like a Glee guy. What do you like about it?

Dale:  Just, I think that the age gap is right where I’m…I think he’s in his mid-30s, I’m right there.

Beren:  Oh, the teacher?

Dale:  The teacher. So the music is basically similar to what he’s trying to teach the kids. So I believe that I have some type of relationship with the teacher.

Beren:  Were you in glee club or…?

Dale:  No, but I do sing. I do sing.

Beren:  Really.

Dale:  And I was always dreaming to sing in a choir.

Beren:  I don’t know, I like it because they do do the pop songs. And they have amazing choreography, too.

Dale:  Amazing choreography.

Beren:  It’s like what you dream of, of being in high school and like your whole class busting out into song. It’s like a movie, but a TV show.

Dale:  In the initial part, when I first watched Glee or even thought about Glee, I thought of like a musical TV show that, you know, everybody would just bust out in song, and I thought it was going to be that corny or cheesy. But then really going into the story of it, and it was really a glee club, it actually captured me. So I’ve been…it’s always recorded, and I’m watching constantly.


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Dale loves the TV show Glee. He relates to the character of the teacher, who is around the same age as him. The music that the teacher likes is music that Dale likes as well. Although Dale was never in a glee club, he loves to sing and always wanted to be in a choir.

Beren is also a fan of the show. She thinks the choreography is really good, and she loves that the actors sing pop songs as well as show tunes. When she was in high school, she always wished people would just burst into song like they do on the show.

Do you like to sing? Have you ever been in a choir or glee club?



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Glee is awesome show, and I have never been into American TV shows like Glee. All the music and dances in Glee are good, and I also like the sotories. The messages in glee  deeply capture me, which is one of what Glee is so special about.

Now, they show first season every saturday on NHK, TV station in Japan, and I am just done with episode 10. I learn English Glee as well as enjoying the stories themselves. Can’t wait next Saturday to see them!!

11:41 PM Jun 12 2012 |




I love glee!!!!! I’m still in the first season but everything in this tv show is amazing! I can see myself in some of those kids and I love to sing too and I miss singing…..but I just love it!

11:54 PM May 30 2012 |


Russian Federation

I like singing and I’ve been in a choir but I don’t sing now so my voice isn’t so good and powerful.

03:50 PM May 14 2012 |


Russian Federation

I like singing and I’ve been in a choir but I don’t sing now so my voice isn’t so good and powerful.

03:50 PM May 14 2012 |

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This is very nice show,I watch this show with my family…

things to do in canberra

05:27 AM Apr 13 2012 |



This is my favorite tv show. I love the whole concept of this show and love to watch this show.

10:02 AM Sep 12 2011 |


United Kingdom

Everyone love to watch Glee show, even I’m also a huge buff of this show. I never never forget to watch its any episode.

10:32 AM Jun 24 2011 |



Glee is one of the best musical teen drama show ever. I totally hooked with it and alwys looks excited to enjoy new glee episodes, to get enjoy with it’s great music by glee performer. I’ve just finsihed it’s seasaon 2 and now waiting for it’s forthcoming episodes annoucement.

10:30 AM Jun 11 2011 |




Glee is really a nice tv show. I also watched this tv series. This is really an amazing tv show that i like to watch. 

11:52 AM Feb 28 2011 |




I love it !!!

02:52 PM Nov 11 2010 |


caandradeSuper Member!


When I was at High school i was part of a glee club, we were seven friends that joined together to parcipate in a musical contest. We were the biggest group in the stage that night, even though we did not win it was an amazing experience!!

11:29 PM Jul 11 2010 |



I  really like to sing. esp, when I feel sad I always sing.Singing make me comfortable.I never been in a choir.Someday I want to sing in a choir. 

08:59 AM Jul 11 2010 |



Watching it right now

02:59 PM Jul 10 2010 |

*butterfly wings*

Saudi Arabia

I like to sing  it is really fun but i have never been in a choir or glee club ..i know too bad :(

11:01 PM Jul 08 2010 |





11:03 AM Jul 08 2010 |

Alice Johny


Yes,I like singing,but I have never been in a choir or glee club.

07:19 PM Jul 07 2010 |




i like to sing but just when i am drunk jejeje bcs in this way i can take out the singer that i carry in my  inner jejeej .


06:55 PM Jul 06 2010 |

Jan Luka

Jan Luka


Yes, I love to sing. I have always sung, alone, in bands, and also in the choir. I also take voice lessons and I appreciate every little progress.

01:24 PM Jul 06 2010 |



South Korea

I have never been in a choir or glee club before. But when I was at high school, my school took place a singing competition once a year. And when I was in the 2'nd grade, our class had the 1'st prize. I love to sing. Unfortunately, Singapore where I've been staying has some Korean singing rooms and my friends and I, we often go to there to sing.

09:39 AM Jul 06 2010 |




i like singing by myself,i know im not a talented person to sing in a choir or glee club, so ive never been in one.

11:04 PM Jul 05 2010 |

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