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tough cookie

tough cookie

Date: May 26 2011


1. Quote - Listen to the quote and guess what the slang means.

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“We dealt with some tough cookies. They were like, ‘Who do these girls think they are?’”

- Actress and clothing designer Ashley Olsen, on trying to earn respect in the fashion industry. (Us Weekly)


1. Definition - Study the definition.

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tough, determined person

2. Use - Learn how the slang is used.

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A cookie is something sweet and tempting. So it makes sense that the slang term “cookie” is used to talk about attractive young women.

But what about a tough cookie? That sounds a little less appealing.

A tough cookie is a person who is strong and determined. Tough cookies usually get what they want because they refuse to compromise or give up.

A real cookie that’s tough is hard to chew. In the same way, sometimes a person who is a tough cookie is difficult to deal with. Actress Ashely Olsen, who’s best known for playing Michelle Tanner on Full House, says she and her twin sister, Mary-Kate, had to deal with a lot of tough cookies when they were trying to break into the fashion industry. A lot of the other designers they met didn’t believe they really had the talent to make it in the world of high fashion.

But Ashley and Mary-Kate must be tough cookies themselves. They made a risky choice by trying out a new career. Then again, they probably had a lot of help from their rich and famous friends. So maybe they aren’t tough cookies after all.

Are you a tough cookie? Who is the toughest cookie you know?


1. Examples - Hear some example sentences.

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“Maggie is a tough cookie. She never backs down in a fight.”

“Carrie might seem sweet, but she’s really a tough cookie.”

“My grandmother is 100 years old and still going strong. She’s one tough cookie!”


1. Winners - See who guessed the slang definition correctly.

kokoboko a strong person who never gives up
by kokoboko
sofree independent, stubborn people.
by sofree
Talia Do "A tough cookie" is a person who is difficult to deal with or a person who will do everything necessary to achieve what they want.
by Talia Do

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United States


05:09 PM Aug 21 2015 |



In contrast the people who use their time not in getting education and also in getting knowledge, also in doing the custom essay writing service uk research, but waste them uselessly they are not very much recognized today.

10:52 AM Jun 01 2015 |

kane charles


strong heart? work hard? and excellent?

07:08 AM Jun 11 2011 |



Saudi Arabia

Young tough cookies, in my opinion, are more difficult to please if they insist on something; they would make a scene for reason doesn’t appeal to them. On the contrary, adult tough cookies are easier to deal with, when it gets difficult to handle them, one can just ignore them.

08:24 AM May 31 2011 |




really sometimes u have to be tough cookies like to insist on the thing that u want and never give up but the rest of ur life you have to deal with people coventionaly

06:41 AM May 31 2011 |


Viet Nam

what i get is that being a “tough cookie” can be both negative and positive. They may be a person who is difficult to deal with, not willing to compromise, so it might be annoying sometimes to be around them. On the other hand, they may be people who have strong determination, strong resilience to go through many diffuculties and setbacks in their lives.

As for me, my family circumstances has kind of shaped me as a tough cookie. But I have luckily found tender love from people around me, esp from my husband. I just feel there is no need for me to be so agressive, to struggle with many things in this already agressive world. I think we can still find satisfaction in a more peaceful way. Success is a good thing but as long as i am content with this simple and beautiful and yet difficult life, to succeed might simply is to have a good husband, and lovely kids to take care of. You guys might not agree with me but still, i find myself happiest when i am not a “tought cookie” in a conventional way.

02:39 AM May 30 2011 |



South Korea

The life taught me to be a tough cookie. In most of the cases being a tough cookie undoubtedly leads to success.

03:25 PM May 28 2011 |



Heyoo ; D

08:38 AM May 27 2011 |



The “a tough cookies” is the term that describe the struggling and determination in achieving something by someone who never give up despite the difficulties he\she face. I think I am so but not always get what I want.

07:36 PM May 26 2011 |



i think it when someone is determined to do something and dose not want any help from people

06:42 PM May 26 2011 |



I think there are some kinds of “tough cookie” . a person that want to do what he/she wants to do and the person that is umbearable in nature.

05:12 PM May 26 2011 |



Russian Federation

Eric Cartman is tough cookie. :)

03:55 PM May 26 2011 |

osman farah


i think this ia a person who do what he sees the best for him regardless of all condition he meet .

01:39 PM May 26 2011 |




I think “tough cookie” is when a person is so resolute that nobody can change her/his ideas…

01:24 PM May 26 2011 |


Sri Lanka

A real cookie  hard to chew….

11:07 AM May 26 2011 |




To me,most of smart people are tough cookie///they need more attention In their childhood otherwise they turn to unbearable adolescent .

10:59 AM May 26 2011 |

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