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Deal Breaker
Deal Breaker English, baby! Video Lesson

Your vs. You're

Date: May 24 2011

Themes: Soap Opera

Grammar: You're vs. Your


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When you have an agreement or a deal with someone, you don’t have to agree on everything. You just have to get along well enough to keep the relationship going, whether it’s a business relationship or a romantic relationship.

But sometimes, you will disagree on something so important that you have to end the relationship. That’s what’s called a deal breaker.

In any relationship, compromise is important, but there are some things you just can’t compromise about. For Jeff, the fact that his girlfriend Ella recently adopted a child is one of those things.

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Jeff:  Oh, man. My eyes are killing me.

Dale:  What happened to your eyes, dude?

Jeff:  I just can’t stop itching them. I have pink eye.

Dale:  Pink eye?

Jeff:  I’ve had pink eye for two weeks.

Dale:  How did you get pink eye?

Jeff:  Ella adopted a kid. The kid gave me pink eye.

Dale:  Oh my goodness. Do they always carry pink eye?

Jeff:  Yeah. Kids are dirty. It’s always getting me sick. There’s that. What else? It’s expensive.

Dale:  They’re expensive too?

Jeff:  Yeah!

Dale:  I thought the government gives you money for kids.

Jeff:  Yeah, well, not this one. He’s always breaking things. Always wants to tag along.

Dale:  Tag along with you? Oh…

Jeff:  Yeah. Can’t get any privacy.

Dale:  Nothing by yourself? I want my privacy. I want them to leave me alone.

Jeff:  Yeah. Tell me about it, man. You’re free. It’s a deal breaker, man.

Dale:  So a deal breaker? It’s like something you can’t get past? You’re going to have to break up with Ella because of this?

Jeff:  I don’t have any options. I can’t sell it. I can’t lose it. I’ve already tried that. It’s permanent in my life. I think that’s my only option, don’t you?

Dale:  I guess that is a deal breaker.

Jeff:  Yeah.


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Jeff has pink eye. It’s a sickness that children usually get. He got it from Ella’s new adopted son, Table.

Table bothers Jeff in many ways. He follows him around, gets him sick and breaks his things. Dale says that it sounds like the kid is deal breaker. Jeff is going to have to break up with Ella because of this.

Jeff agrees that he has no choice but to break up with Ella. He can’t think of a way to compromise about the kid, so it looks like Table is going to be a deal breaker.

What would be a deal breaker for you in a relationship?



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If you try a lot and you can’t sort your problem with the person that you love I think it would be a deal breaker.

04:37 PM Jun 07 2011 |


Iran, Islamic Republic Of

for me when someone speaks impolitely and is very rude ,she or he is a dealbreaker

08:28 PM Jun 04 2011 |



To me, A big “Deal breaker” in a relationship would be that moment when one of the two ones (The boyfriend or girlfriend) start telling lies (as Madline said), becuase it’s there when trust begin dissapear.

12:21 AM Jun 02 2011 |




I think the lying would be a deal breaker because every thing in our life based on the truth if we start telling lies It would be the key 4 other deal breaker ..

08:04 AM May 31 2011 |


Iran, Islamic Republic Of

I know other countries better

09:59 AM May 25 2011 |



If we can’t compromise to each other, everything will be a “deal breaker”, no matter friend relationship or romatic relationship. In my case, when I was a young girl, everything might become a deal breaker. Therefore, every relationship is always very short for me. Recently years, I gradually learn that every problem can be solved. Learning commulicating and compromising to our parents, friends or lovers is very important  because it canl make us grow up. :) 

05:17 AM May 25 2011 |




what is my big deal breaker is i forgot to bring my brain when i worked today.

i messed up ! damn it ==!

03:13 AM May 25 2011 |




when a guy smokes, it’s a deal breaker for me!Tongue out

11:57 PM May 24 2011 |




For me, in my relationship, the domestic violence would be a deal breaker.

11:54 PM May 24 2011 |




I injou with it too

thanks for reader…....

10:44 PM May 24 2011 |





09:31 PM May 24 2011 |




It depends on the type of relationship//In friendly , untrustworthiness can be deal breaker///actually when you are feeling that some thing or some body is clutter and idle you can quit them at all.

08:17 PM May 24 2011 |





06:33 PM May 24 2011 |




well for me it would be a deal breaker if someone wants to beat me… I just can’t stand that! Yell

06:22 PM May 24 2011 |




comunication is the answer!

06:04 PM May 24 2011 |



Saudi Arabia

if any one with enother  they  can  not  think  of way to compromise   will be deal breaker

05:52 PM May 24 2011 |



deal breaker, hah? When you have a baby, things will be different. That’s would be a responsibility to look after a baby. It shouldn’t be a deal breaker. Oh, BTW, It’s a really bad idear for someone who is not ready to be a parient but have a baby.

03:33 PM May 24 2011 |




well, in a case my wife take all the money from my account and spent it, even the last coin , because i have told her in the past all the things i have  these are yours. that such a big deal breaker

03:10 PM May 24 2011 |


South Africa

hey this guy should atend the doctors and then repair him and repair the new baby to survive well…............and tthe water back again to it is river….........he shoud have the compromis maybe it is help him more …...  i like this lesson att all thx for the english babay  masters

03:05 PM May 24 2011 |

katooja 1 4 all

South Africa

jeff should take it easy and tell ellas about his feeling with the kids or he should have the compromised….....the desseases from the god and he should get this and try to fix this during his live….......................

nice lesson….....nice word ….........tell us to us compromised 

01:17 PM May 24 2011 |

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