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Get Hitched
Get Hitched English, baby! Video Lesson

Second Conditional

Date: Nov 08 2011

Themes: Romance, Soap Opera

Grammar: Second Conditional


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When a couple gets married, you can say they are getting hitched. Something that is hitched to something else is tied to it or connected to it. You can hitch a trailer to your car. Luckily, marriage usually isn’t too much towing a trailer. One person doesn’t pull the other along in a happy marriage. But like a trailer hitched to a car, people who get hitched are not easily disconnected by bumps and turns.

Jason and Devan have decided to get hitched. They have called a meeting to tell their friends and co-workers the news. The phrase “get hitched” is very informal, so it’s appropriate for them to use it with their peers, but they probably won’t use it on their wedding day. See how the group reacts to the news that Jason and Devan are getting hitched.

当一对夫妇结婚时,你可以说他们“get hitched”(结婚)。一件东西拴着 (hitch) 另一件东西就是系上或连上了另一件东西。你可以将一辆拖车拴着 (hitch) 您的车。幸运的是,结婚通常与拖车拉车有很大不同。在幸福的婚姻中,一个人不必拖着另一个人向前走。但与拖车拉车一样,结了婚的两人不会因为碰撞和转弯就轻易断开联系。
詹森和德凡已经决定“get hitched”。他们已经办了一个小聚会,把消息告诉亲友和同事。“get hitched”是很不正式的短语,同龄人之间使用这短语没有问题,但用在婚礼当天不太合适。看看大伙对詹森和德凡要“get hitched”这消息作何反应。

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Devan:  Hey, everyone. Thank you for coming to this very special meeting.

Jason:  I’m sure you’re all wondering why Devan and I are holding this meeting instead of Devan and Marni, but—

Marni:  Jason, this isn’t actually an official meeting. I mean, if this were an official meeting there’d be a note-taker, we’d be serving refreshments…

Ella:  Yeah, where are those little mini sandwiches we usually have? Cause I’m kinda hungry.

Jason:  OK. It’s not an official meeting, but Devan and I have a very important announcement that we think you’re all going to get really excited about.

Devan:  Yeah, you guys are never going to believe it.

Jason:  We’re getting hitched!

Mason:  Oh my gosh! Wow! This is such an amazing surprise.

Marni:  Great.

Ella:  That’s what all this is about? We knew you were going to get hitched like three weeks ago.

Jeff:  Yeah. That’s old news, guys.

Devan:  What? No one is the least bit surprised to learn that we’re getting hitched?

Marni:  No.

Devan:  Marni, is this true? Everyone knew?

Marni:  Well, Jason kind of mentioned to Mason his plans to propose and then Mason kind of spilled the beans to…you know, everybody.

Jason:  I’m sorry, sweetie.

Devan:  Well, I bet you guys didn’t know something else, then. I’m pregnant!

Jason:  Is this for real?

Devan:  No. I just wanted a better reaction.

Marni:  Oh.


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Devan and Jason call a big meeting to tell everyone they’re getting hitched. But no one seems very excited about the news. Mason pretends to be excited, but clearly something is going on.

Ella and Marni explain that everyone already knew that Jason and Devan were planning to get hitched. Jason told Mason and Mason told everyone else.

Then Devan says she has another announcement. She’s pregnant! Everyone cheers. Then she tells them that she is lying. She just wanted them to get excited.

Do you know anyone who is getting hitched soon? Have you ever made a big announcement to your friends or family?



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The video is very good and funny, it’s agood way to learn English without stress

or feel boring.

01:48 PM Nov 18 2011 |

Majid Zarif

Iran, Islamic Republic Of


09:40 AM Nov 13 2011 |



My brother is going to get hitched soon.I have never made such kind of announcement to anybody, and I think if I will do, they will be veeeeeeeeeeeery surprised lol.

02:03 PM Nov 10 2011 |


selvgaliSuper Member!


When I announced my family about my decision of getting hitched, some of them were excited, others were confused and my mom was mad at me. She was a little concerned about how well would I hang on, but now there have passed twelve years and all of them are happy I can say I took the best choice of my life.

08:21 PM Nov 09 2011 |

1 person likes this




No, I guess none of my friends are going to get hitched soon…but if they are it will be breaking news for me :). I don’t remember a single moment in my whole life when the announcement I made could be called as outstanding…I am probably used to do it calmly and quietly :) or maybe I’m just too predictable.

01:15 PM Nov 09 2011 |

1 person likes this



What does “No one is the least bit surprised to learn that we’re getting hitched” mean?

04:54 AM Nov 09 2011 |


Viet Nam

In our country, we make announcement of getting hitched by inviting friends and families to the wedding party day.

Great, bless D&J.

02:16 AM Nov 09 2011 |


United States


10:02 PM Nov 08 2011 |



Libyan Arab Jamahiriya

getting hitched is so hard especially with a person in marriage case in for me i like living alone i know many partners in college is married often i don’t go to them in the beginning is happy and later 2,3, years start problems i prefer staying alone avoid the troubles.
have a good day !

06:40 PM Nov 08 2011 |

1 person likes this

Laura Gl

Saudi Arabia

I know so many people who are getting hitched this season :D, I dun think I eva made an annoucement :)

04:56 PM Nov 08 2011 |



Saudi Arabia

yeah i do a big anounced to my friends.

04:16 PM Nov 08 2011 |

lynn lam

lynn lam


yes,is me,im getting hitched!!~~ with english! hah, just kidding、i mean,。。 i read ,write,and listen to it every every day。and i really hope to be well in englishTongue out

03:09 PM Nov 08 2011 |

Ledy - Brendy


Most of my friends are got hitched when they were really young. Some couples are still in love, some are separated. The really big suprise we got last weekend by my best friend who made an announcement to everybody, that she’s expecting a baby. Congratulation!

02:59 PM Nov 08 2011 |



I know it should be a funny video.

But if I were a woman, I wouldn’t say that I’m pregnant only because of getting a better reaction from the others

02:49 PM Nov 08 2011 |

1 person likes this

Maria del Alba


No one of my friends is getting hitched because we are very young to get married, but I have a friend who is living with her boyfriend and has a baby with him, so it is kind of like they are hitched.

I’ve never made such a big announcement to my family and I would be very nervous if I had to tell something like that haha

02:09 PM Nov 08 2011 |

i love life

Palestinian Territory, Occupied

good evening to all initially I proud to listen  this topic

I have another propse must to all girls here to put a big like on this article because it,s talking about women more than men as the same time talk about of the most thing women like it

every women like to be pregnant some day in the future

thank baby

12:47 PM Nov 08 2011 |




ahaha))) cool)))

10:36 AM Nov 08 2011 |

Majid Zarif

Iran, Islamic Republic Of

it’s so funny clip and I know that when girls want to put other people’s attention particulary their husband to theirselves they say they are pregnant!!

10:27 AM Nov 08 2011 |



The pregnant part of this movie is awasome. Because actually I had this kind of experience that I told everyone that I was pregnant to gain their attention, but it was lie. At the moment I want to be pregnant lol… 

05:42 AM Nov 08 2011 |




02:34 AM Nov 08 2011 |

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