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Zero Conditional

Date: Aug 22 2012

Themes: Hobbies, Weather

Grammar: Zero Conditional


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Spending time in the sunshine feels great. But if you spend too much time in the bright sun and don’t wear sunscreen, you may regret it later.

Most of us have experienced at least one bad sunburn in our lives. Of course, the paler you are, the worse your sunburn is likely to be. But who wants to stay inside or even just sit in the shade when it’s a warm, sunny day? Hear Jason and Amy discuss sunburns.




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Jason:  Looks like you forgot to wear some sunscreen there.

Amy:  Yeah, I can’t sit down right now. I’m really burned.

Jason:  Oh my gosh, it’s your whole body, not just your face?

Amy:  Well, I was tanning on the beach, lying on my stomach, and I just, I fell asleep, and my whole back, backs of my legs, everything burned.

Jason:  You didn’t put any sunscreen on?

Amy:  No, I just…I don’t know, it was kind of a cloudy day even though it was warm, so I guess I thought I wouldn’t get that badly burned. But even when it’s cloudy out, you can get a pretty nasty sunburn.

Jason:  Yeah, I guess those UV rays cut through the clouds.

Amy:  Yep. Do you always remember sunscreen?

Jason:  No. I have this trick where I try to go out into the sun near the end of the day, and that seems to work.

Amy:  Really? You think it’s just not as powerful as, like, around noon or when the sun’s at its highest?

Jason:  I’m pretty sure it’s not, because I don’t get burned. But I do if I go out in the middle of the day. But I know people who are so terrified of getting sunburned they wear hats and umbrellas, and they just don’t want any sun to touch their skin, ever.

Amy:  Well, it’s tough because I love being tan, but I know that in the long run it’s gonna lead to wrinkles and all that kind of stuff.

Jason:  Yeah.

Amy:  So it’s like, you have to choose between looking good now and looking better later.

Jason:  I guess you do.


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Jason notices that Amy has a bad sunburn on her face. She says the sunburn covers her whole body and is very painful. She didn’t wear sunscreen while she was tanning because it was cloudy out, so she thought she would be safe. But even on cloudy days, it is possible to get a bad sunburn.

Amy asks Jason if he always remembers to wear sunscreen. He admits that sometimes he forgets. He tries to only go out in the sun later in the day, when the sun is not very high up in the sky. That way, he can usually avoid getting a sunburn, even if he forgets to wear sunscreen.

Have you ever gotten a bad sunburn? Do you usually wear sunscreen when you go out in the sun?



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Iran, Islamic Republic Of

i have a very bad sunburn 3month ago.

04:08 PM Oct 11 2013 |



Russian Federation

 I used to spend a lot of time in the sun for getting a good tan. It seemed nice to me to return tanned from my holidays. Now, when I know about UV rays harmfulness, I try to spend less time under the direct sun. Every year I go to the archaeological expedition. The side, we work on, lays on the open area. There is no place to hide from the sun, so I have to wear  a long sleeve shirt and a hat for protection.  Of course  I like  to  have my skin tanned every summer, but not as much as I used to.


07:01 PM Jan 05 2013 |



I usually don’t get a tan even when I spend a lot of time in the sun. But my sister does even after a short time in the sun. This is really unfair!!! Instead I get sunburn very easily. So I try to use sunscreen whenever it is hot and I’m outside. But here in Germany it usually isn’t hot for a long time in summer.

07:36 AM Aug 31 2012 |




At my high school long time ago, I had ever got sunburn on my face and skin when I was a  freshman  of soldier student so I gotta  camping to practice under the sun of UV ray without the shade for 10 days so  that is so bad and unfortunately coz I didn’t wore sunscreen but after that I wear sunscreen before go out  in the sun always.

06:04 PM Aug 29 2012 |




I never had a bad sunburn because I don’t really like to stay under the hot sun, it is terribly hot on the day, I don’t wear suncreen, I think it’s not necessary for me. I go to school by motor bike so I usually wear gloves to cover my both hands or otherwise they will get sunburn. I love to stay in the shade, I can’t stay under the sun for too long because it makes me got headeache hehehe. 

06:21 PM Aug 28 2012 |


Iran, Islamic Republic Of

i had sunburn when i was child and we went to village.i always wear sunscreen

03:13 PM Aug 28 2012 |

Majid Zarif

Iran, Islamic Republic Of

I have bad taste of staying under the sunshine .one day I was invited to go one of my friend’s pool and it hadn’t any roof after sweeming and alots of fun I feel pain from my shoulders they were sunburned and took long time to cure.form that memory I don’t go to pool without roof and I use cream for sunburn protection whenever I do any thing in sunshine.

12:32 AM Aug 28 2012 |




i seldom go out in the sun without an umbrella , i ways wear sunscreen and things like that to protect my faces during the daytime, as an asian girl i don’t like tan , i think it only makes me look ugly, so that relieves me the pressure to choose between tanning and at the rist of being burned by sun, but once for a while , i’d like to enjoy the sunshine in a sunny day when i feel the sun is not that strong

05:18 AM Aug 25 2012 |




i am thanks allah not get me bad sunburn and i dont like wear sunscreen

01:02 AM Aug 25 2012 |



i usually wear sunscream, because my skin is so clear, and i don’t like sunburns. however i can be tan after beach

01:31 PM Aug 24 2012 |




I’ve been in Mallorca for a week, and I’ve gone to the beach just 3days, the second day I’ve got the first sunburn of my life…but it was pretty strange, because I had covered my whole body with sunscreen.

06:39 PM Aug 23 2012 |



I recently came back from the seaside and the trick I used not to get too tan (cos I find it unpleasant and even vulgar not to mention the harm it does to our health) or not to get sunburnt was spending the right hours on the beach. I came at around 9 am and stayed till 12 pm. Then I would go walking somewhere in the shade and came back after 4 pm to stay for a couple of hours more. Surely I used some sunscreen cos my skin is pale and remember to renew it every time you bathe!!! Eventually I got a nice slight tan just as I wanted it to be and did no harm to my skin. So my trick is to stay off the beach from 12pm to 4 pm and use the lotion.
Have a nice tan everybody!)))

09:19 AM Aug 23 2012 |

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sunburn ….toomuch 

really i dont think before to have sun screen

11:52 PM Aug 22 2012 |


yuminagaSuper Member!


I remember  that  I got a bad sunburn when I was in high school, this is the first time as well , it was kind of a cloudy day , my classmates remember me you should put any sunscreen on your skin but I didnt listen to them because there are two reasons here ,first I am so white ,or you can say  its a pale skin sometimes ,its though to get red and tan,second ,I love being tan ,its cool with tan skin as a man i think so you can guess what happened .  I was lying on my stomach and fell asleep    even now i rememeber  how bured my whole skin is , its terribel ,I dont want it anymore.

11:18 PM Aug 22 2012 |

i love life

Palestinian Territory, Occupied

Actually I have never had gotten sunburn because I didn’t wear any sunburns , When I want go to the beach I prefer only wear my sunglass , We didn’t have the sea here we only live with the desert , I love live near the sea It would be nice If I decided to leave everything for try to find my rest .

In my opinion If you want to spend sometimes on the beach try to take your tools , Have a nice time To everyone over the world .

10:07 PM Aug 22 2012 |



Yes i got suburn a lot of time it really hurts …i never wear sunsreen i always forget and this is a terrible mistake !!

09:10 PM Aug 22 2012 |



ya thats true we even may get it from the light and sun also
w have many words like this sunset -sunshine – sunburns

08:34 PM Aug 22 2012 |



ya thats true we even may get it from the light and sun also
w have many words like this sunset -sunshine – sunburns

08:34 PM Aug 22 2012 |



no i have’t experienced sun burn, never in my life. but i know we have to wear sunscreen or any sun protection while sitting or spending time in sunlight if we want to keep our skin healthy fresh and tan free. vitamin D is very essential for our body and skin and the sun is a great source of vitamin D so its good to spend some time under sun but dont forget to wear sun protection. cloudy weather is a feast to enjoy in summer utmost, we can enjoy even on our own balkonies with a cup of coffe and some sausages along. rain rain rain oh my gosh nothing like it in the world. its sound its veiw all about it is just great, so lovely so romantic still dont know how to verblize my thoughts.

08:31 PM Aug 22 2012 |

1 person likes this


Iran, Islamic Republic Of

i hate wear sunscreen.i usually get sunburn when i go out by bike

08:20 PM Aug 22 2012 |

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