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chew someone's ear off

chew someone's ear off

Date: Aug 30 2012

Themes: Friend


1. Quote - Listen to the quote and guess what the slang means.

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“When I get nervous, I talk a lot. So I just chewed her ear off for an hour and a half.”

- Actor Joshua Jackson describing his terrible first date with girlfriend Diane Kruger. (Us Weekly)


- 演员乔舒亚·杰克逊 (Joshua Jackson) 谈论与女友黛安·克鲁格 (Diane Kruger) 第一次约会时的尴尬场面。


1. Definition - Study the definition.

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talk a lot; talk too much

2. Use - Learn how the slang is used.

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Good listeners make good friends. Someone who talks constantly about himself and never asks any questions may seem boring and selfish.

On a date, it’s especially important to ask questions, listen to the other person, and not talk too much about yourself. Joshua Jackson did just the opposite on his first date with Diane Kruger. It’s surprising she gave him a second date after he chewed her ear off.

When you chew someone’s ear off, you talk on and on and on…and on. You don’t let the other person get a single word in, or pause to ask her about herself.

Sometimes we call a person who always chews people’s ears off a “chatterbox.” You might also say that someone talked your ear off. But saying that someone chewed your ear off is an even stronger way to say that he just wouldn’t shut up.

Do you like to talk a lot? Has someone ever chewed your ear off on a date? What else should you try not to do on a first date?


1. Examples - Hear some example sentences.

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“I had a meeting with my boss. He chewed my ear off for over an hour.”

“Marcy always chews my ear off about her annoying boyfriend when we go out for coffee.”

“I’m sorry for chewing your ear off, but I have so much to tell you!”


1. Winners - See who guessed the slang definition correctly.

 julito To talk endlessly
by julito
ana karnia It means when you talk a lot to somebody and made that person bored.
by ana karnia
a2020 It means he makes her tired by talking that she doesn't like hear anymore.
by a2020
banmaixanh talk continuously
by banmaixanh
Amir93 it means i talked too much and drove her crazy...!
by Amir93
cubi1604 Talk non-stop without letting the other speak
by cubi1604
TITO007 Talking alot
by TITO007
sammysam7 to talk for long period.
by sammysam7
Plx to talk a lot about unnecessary things
by Plx

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Iran, Islamic Republic Of

when someone wanna chew my ear off  i`m sure that i won`t listen to the half of his words , that is talking nonstop!Wink

05:53 AM Sep 04 2012 |



I wonder if the people who chew someone’s ear off also write at the same way.

04:22 AM Sep 04 2012 |



im very hapy to had know this web

04:00 PM Sep 03 2012 |


MasbararSuper Member!


On a first date I prefer to chew my girl friend’s ear off and be chewed my ear off.It’s better than to be silent.It’s so bored to be silent on a first date.

On a first date I don’t smoke,avoid to be quiet,to talk abt politics.

07:44 PM Sep 02 2012 |




Each time i feel unhappy,i tend to find a friend and chew her ear off for quite a while and then everything just comes back to normal for me,but. for the listener,she might need to find someone else to talk his ear off before she feels good about herself.

05:55 AM Sep 01 2012 |

1 person likes this



I don’t like to talk a lot, I am a quite person, a good listener!

In a firts date u should avoid smoke, do things without know if the other person likes it, don’t be anoying, and not been so quite.

01:47 PM Aug 31 2012 |

La Princesse de la vie


Fine, I’m a good listener :).. I always listen to whoever wants to talk with me.. Good friends never get bored from each other’s chats.. I don’t get my ear chewed off so hastily, especially if I’m listening to one of my best friends.. I like to listen to people.. They always tell me that I’m a good keeper of secrets and I don’t like to let them down..

09:15 AM Aug 31 2012 |



United States

When I do my own stuff, my friend loves to chew my ear off. We like to work together and she always finishes before me. After she’s done, she likes to watch some videos. When I do my work, she’s always like,” hey look at this, look at that! ” I tell her that she is always constantly bothering me but she never listens. She should stop doing that or I’ll start doing the same and she’ll know how I feel by then.

10:37 PM Aug 30 2012 |



i dont like to talk alot…but always my friends chew my ears off

09:49 PM Aug 30 2012 |




I prefer the role as the listener. If someone talks to much and it’s boring, I turn on passage – left side in, right side out ;)
The only person from which I like to chew an ear off is my wife … in word and deed ;

09:46 PM Aug 30 2012 |

1 person likes this



It is the hear beat

08:48 PM Aug 30 2012 |

konstantin cherta s dva

Russian Federation

I like when someone chews my ear off) The point is that I am not a talkative person myself, but nevertheless, I like to talk. I like to hear other people share with me their emotions, worries, their opinions on different life subjects, it is really interesting for me and in some way it touches my soul. The problem is that often I cant ask the right questions, so when I talk with someone who doesnt have a habit to chew people’s ears, sometimes appear these awkward pauses and silence that make me worry and reproach myself.

07:28 PM Aug 30 2012 |



oh yeah i am a chatter box when i am happy and a good listner for my friends and family always whenever they want to share somethong else. i think its good to chew someon’s ear off, if there is something serious or mature stuff to discuss and usefull things to share. sometime it happens when we meet our dear one after long long time, we talk on on and on with no limit of time and space, its a great fun at that time to chew someone’s ear off. but if we are backchatting, irritating and making fun of someone by chewing someone’s ear off, its very very very bad guys.

05:32 PM Aug 30 2012 |




after reading and enjoy what Eb members have to say about the subject,i i would like to mention that if there is something that bugs me is people that like to talk endlessly,stealing my time and patience and are not interested in hearing my opinion, believe me ,i feel very frustrated.

03:10 PM Aug 30 2012 |

cheer manal


Talking too much is to some extent a good quality.Personally i am not that talkative and i can never get bored while listening to talkative people,on the contrary,i like their sense of humour and it makes me feel excited to listen to them.

I have friends who always chew my ears off. they come straight to me whenever they have something new  to tell me or sometning i don´t know about and they start bla bla bla… and ofcourse i am all ears:)  i never complained that´s the reason why i have lots of friends.

02:26 PM Aug 30 2012 |

Irene Forever


Well, I’m not so much into everlasting talks. But if somebody  have a wish to share with me about something important for him, I will be all ears. I always listen to a person, and if he needs my advice, I can try to help him. Personally I don’t like to chew sombody else’s  ear off. As soon as I realize that an interlocutor feels uncomfortable or bored of me, I stop troubling him.

I don’t like when a man is too talkative and like to blatter about nothing. I prefer to deal with intelligent, calm and reserved men.

I think to be a chatterbox is not appropriate for men. It’s okay only in mass media.:) The more water he pours, the better.:) At least he earns money in such a strange way.:)

01:46 PM Aug 30 2012 |



it is making someone boring by your too much talking

12:55 PM Aug 30 2012 |

Sami Aswad

Sami Aswad


Noooo I dnt like to talk a lot and I can’t stand ppl who do that !!!! Well I haven’t went on a date yet ;) but in every normal conservation I try nt to chew other person’s ear off , I always try to understand and ask Qs if I couldn’t get him/her , Another thing Just be polite at first and don’t be over-the-top in your humor. ;)

12:34 PM Aug 30 2012 |




I like when my close friends chew my ear off.We often need somebody to talk out-

it helps to less our tension and sometimes we can get useful advices.

11:29 AM Aug 30 2012 |


Iran, Islamic Republic Of

I’m a talkative person and don’t mind if someone talk my ear offTongue out

09:11 AM Aug 30 2012 |

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