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Let Someone In
Let Someone In English, baby! Video Lesson

Phrasal Verbs

Date: Oct 02 2012

Themes: Romance, Soap Opera

Grammar: Phrasal Verbs


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When you let someone into your house, you open the door and allow them to walk inside. When you let someone into your heart, you trust them and allow yourself to care about them.

It can be dangerous to let someone in. If you let the wrong person into your house, they could steal something or hurt you. If you let the wrong person into your heart, you might get heartbroken.

Mason has had a tough time with love. Years ago, Amanda broke his heart. Now, she wants him to let her in again. But is he ready?




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2. Study - Read the dialog again to see how the vocab words are used.







Amanda:  Morning, Mason. Look what I have.

Mason:  Hey!

Amanda:  I’ve got bagels.

Mason:  Whoa, uh, it might be a little early for me to let you in.

Amanda:  Is it early? Oh, I know. You want to clean up this office before anyone shows up in the morning and you’re a hard worker and I think that’s so sexy. I do. But come on. With all that we’ve been through, I think we deserve a little alone time before people show up, so…

Mason:  No, but I don’t think you understand. It might be too early for me to let you in here.

Amanda:  Oh, don’t be silly.

Mason:  Amanda, I mean, you really hurt me when you left me the first time. And then I spent all this time pining after a girl that I couldn’t have. And then I thought I had some super hottie who was like totally into me, and turns out she cheats on me with my best friend. It’s just too much. I need more time before I can let anyone in.

Amanda:  Mason, I’m not going to hurt you. I really care about you.

Mason:  It’s just too soon. It’s just too soon.

Amanda:  Fine. So I guess I’ll give the bagels to somebody else.

Mason:  What? I mean, you can leave the bagel.

Amanda:  Oh, you want?

Mason:  Yeah.

Jason:  Oh, hey, Amanda. What’s wrong?

Amanda:  Oh, you know it’s Mason. He won’t let anyone in.

Jason:  Did you try knocking?

Amanda:  Forget it.

Jason:  Hey, Mason. Hey, let me in!


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It’s first thing in the morning and Mason is at work early, cleaning the office. Amanda arrives and offers him some bagels. She also wants to kiss him.

Mason tells Amanda it’s too soon for him to let her in. She thinks he means it’s too early to let her into the office. He explains that he isn’t ready to let her into his heart.

Last time they were together, Amanda broke Mason’s heart. He hasn’t recovered and he hasn’t had good luck in love since then. It will take some time for him to trust her. But maybe he’ll get there. After all, he does finally accept a bagel.

Is it easy or hard for you to let someone in?



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tutorheatherSuper Member!

United States

Mahtab mentioned this:

“For me it’s not easy to let someone in ,but instead it’s very hard to let him out !”

Great point Mahtab! Many people share this experience!

The best way to say “letting someone out” is to GET OVER someone.


I still love her, but I need to get over her because she has a new boyfriend.

I am having a hard time getting over him. What can I do?

I wish I could get over him, but I still miss him so much!

Hope that tip helps someone! :)

tutorheatherSuper Member!

United States

Hi all!

I saw this expression in the text and want to make sure everyone knows what it means:

” ...pining after a girl that I couldn’t have.”

If you PINE after someone, you yearn for them. You long for them. You experience yearning and longing for someone or something.

Remember, although these verbs are often used to mean that you want to be with someone, they are not simply about romance.

You can yearn to go on a trip. 

“I am yearning to go to Paris.”

“I am longing for international travel.”

“I am longing for world peace.”

“I long for more free time.”

Craving is similar: “I am craving time off from work.” or “I am craving a home-cooked meal.”

All of these words and phrasal verbs point to a very, very strong wish.

Hope this helps!



Iran, Islamic Republic Of

Hello julito!


I think you like bagels too!:))

04:45 PM Oct 02 2012 |

1 person likes this




Hello Mahtab, yeah,  might be that Mason’s heart  is on hold , but he is not a fool to let  Amanda  take away the bagels  and they are free. Wink

04:31 PM Oct 02 2012 |

1 person likes this



Iran, Islamic Republic Of

For me it’s not easy to let someone in ,but instead it’s very hard to let him out !!!

Even if I’m not in contact with him anymore but I cant let someone else in untill I have not completely forgotten him!!

Anyway it was funny that Mason didnt reject bagels!:))

03:50 PM Oct 02 2012 |

singel girl.


sometimes we don’t know more each other ,so let a wrong man come in a room or heart .

03:36 PM Oct 02 2012 |

nezar bnj

nezar bnj


for me a lay the confidence in everyone , well i don’t have any problem to let someone into my house or my heart , that’s mean people should take the precautions befor to let someone in , and then let him account him feelings toward you , just becare befor you choose Smile

02:58 PM Oct 02 2012 |


Saudi Arabia

actually for me i dont like when someone comes to me and i dont care about  him::her especially if his or her heart is broken because of me its really so bad..

02:39 PM Oct 02 2012 |



Oh, don’t do something which you will regret in future.

02:37 PM Oct 02 2012 |

Leidy De Los Santos

Dominican Republic

tha´s a great lesson, cause is dangerous to let someone wrong into your house.

12:42 PM Oct 02 2012 |



i am surprized mab_ tehran, why is it so??? would you like to share more?

12:39 PM Oct 02 2012 |




I guess it’s more dangerous make other people miles away from our heart than let them close… After all, one can lose great friends simply for fear that they make us suffer.

12:37 PM Oct 02 2012 |



every one should choose the right person who know the values of you

12:36 PM Oct 02 2012 |



its not easy for me to let someone in my house because i always follow some saftey rules. again its very hard to let someone in my heart, reason is i don’t trust people easly. it always takes time to open the door of my heart for anyone. it does’t mean somebody had diddle me or something, its just i am a contious person actully. i think its due to the enigmatic behaviour of people with pseudo faces and phony smilies. but i always encourage to olive branch, instead of quiting from any relation.

12:31 PM Oct 02 2012 |



Iran, Islamic Republic Of

 a few years ago I trust  someone and gave him some money but he didn’t gave back  meCry

12:12 PM Oct 02 2012 |



It’s really complicated!! sometimes we think that the person won’t let us dow, but after a while she or he break our heart, nowadays we have to be more careful. I easily let friends in, but after its became a problem…its hard to deal with it.

11:50 AM Oct 02 2012 |




Just great parallel has been conveyed between  ”let me in” the room and “let  me in”  your heart.  : ) 

No matter what is this: heart or door , please  try to knock politely Wink

Ngubo Sixtus

South Africa

if he or she had cheated on you, you don’t have to let him or her in.

11:07 AM Oct 02 2012 |




I trust someone verey easy and fast if i liked him/her 

09:35 AM Oct 02 2012 |

Irene Forever


Sweet video.:)

I hate it when someone breaks somebody’s heart, and after awhile, he comes back. I don’t believe in that love. If I love a man, I will never leave him. If it was not love, I will never begin the game again. I mean, it appeared to be a game , but not love.

It’s not easy to let someone I don’t  know in my apartment.:)

But… you will laugh, it’s easier for me to let someone I like in my heart. My problem is in believing people who treat me with love. Thank God, with years I became more cautious and less trustful.

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