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Let Someone In
Let Someone In English, baby! Video Lesson

Phrasal Verbs

Date: Oct 02 2012

Themes: Romance, Soap Opera

Grammar: Phrasal Verbs


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When you let someone into your house, you open the door and allow them to walk inside. When you let someone into your heart, you trust them and allow yourself to care about them.

It can be dangerous to let someone in. If you let the wrong person into your house, they could steal something or hurt you. If you let the wrong person into your heart, you might get heartbroken.

Mason has had a tough time with love. Years ago, Amanda broke his heart. Now, she wants him to let her in again. But is he ready?




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Amanda:  Morning, Mason. Look what I have.

Mason:  Hey!

Amanda:  I’ve got bagels.

Mason:  Whoa, uh, it might be a little early for me to let you in.

Amanda:  Is it early? Oh, I know. You want to clean up this office before anyone shows up in the morning and you’re a hard worker and I think that’s so sexy. I do. But come on. With all that we’ve been through, I think we deserve a little alone time before people show up, so…

Mason:  No, but I don’t think you understand. It might be too early for me to let you in here.

Amanda:  Oh, don’t be silly.

Mason:  Amanda, I mean, you really hurt me when you left me the first time. And then I spent all this time pining after a girl that I couldn’t have. And then I thought I had some super hottie who was like totally into me, and turns out she cheats on me with my best friend. It’s just too much. I need more time before I can let anyone in.

Amanda:  Mason, I’m not going to hurt you. I really care about you.

Mason:  It’s just too soon. It’s just too soon.

Amanda:  Fine. So I guess I’ll give the bagels to somebody else.

Mason:  What? I mean, you can leave the bagel.

Amanda:  Oh, you want?

Mason:  Yeah.

Jason:  Oh, hey, Amanda. What’s wrong?

Amanda:  Oh, you know it’s Mason. He won’t let anyone in.

Jason:  Did you try knocking?

Amanda:  Forget it.

Jason:  Hey, Mason. Hey, let me in!


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It’s first thing in the morning and Mason is at work early, cleaning the office. Amanda arrives and offers him some bagels. She also wants to kiss him.

Mason tells Amanda it’s too soon for him to let her in. She thinks he means it’s too early to let her into the office. He explains that he isn’t ready to let her into his heart.

Last time they were together, Amanda broke Mason’s heart. He hasn’t recovered and he hasn’t had good luck in love since then. It will take some time for him to trust her. But maybe he’ll get there. After all, he does finally accept a bagel.

Is it easy or hard for you to let someone in?



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Actually, it’s very hard to let someone in ,Especially if i do not know him well .

08:21 AM Oct 02 2012 |



Iran, Islamic Republic Of

I remember that when i was a university sudent i could not able to let nice girls in to my heart!!many of them had complain that why i dont let them in to my heart!




For me it takes me a while to let anyone in, i can’t trust someone i just met him and i think this is better, after hitting it off with somebody we have to take our times to get to know this person and make sure he/she is a reliable person.

07:03 AM Oct 02 2012 |




no, it’s never easy for me to let other ppl in . it takes time for me to accept a friend , but sometimes some1 just click off with u and u guys suddenly become friends , when i was a little gal , when my parents were out , i would never let anyone in the house include male neigbors , so i always shut the door up out of safty . i am not expecting the worst from everything, but it’s better to be protective for gals , thats why many girls alone in the house got killed …i still remember that day when i was having a sleep over in my best friends house with her little cousin sis while all the adults were outside , back then we were under 12 , there was a guy who’s ofter hang out with other bad guys lived next door. and we overheard a woman crying for help , and we were scared to death but they released the woman, after the woman’s gone , a guy came over to the door asked us to open it , i told the cousin not,and told the guy we won’t open the door because no adults at home. but the guy insisted said he just needed a fire-maker to lit the cigaret ,while my friend and her cousin had no idea what’s to do , i told the cousin pass the fire-maker to him through the window, and the guy got what he wanted and left ,and left his compliments for us being clear.^^



let someone into my room ,if i know him i will agree to enter unto room 

04:47 AM Oct 02 2012 |

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04:45 AM Oct 02 2012 |


Saudi Arabia

I think it is realy hard to let someone in after sufering long time from brokenheart.

03:39 AM Oct 02 2012 |

sam 35

sam 35

Dominican Republic

it takes time to heal  but, is not easy to trust people they let you down over , and over

03:26 AM Oct 02 2012 |

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Yes! It’s hard especial when I got broken hard by someone cheat on me. I should to tell that’s impossible to let someone in again. J

It’s not hate, but just not love anymore.

02:27 AM Oct 02 2012 |


Iran, Islamic Republic Of

funny movie,im like mason its hard for me to let some one in:)

02:19 AM Oct 02 2012 |




let someone in heart..so funny.breakheart never be good as before.

01:56 AM Oct 02 2012 |

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Poor Mason, Amanda is adorable but i remember a proverb `he who burns his mouth with milk ,whenever he sees a cow cries,`He is not ready  but i believe that  as in the old hollywood movies love will prevail over doubts and ill-feelings.      




It was really funny! Who wrote the script?

03:30 PM Oct 01 2012 |

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