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Fill Someone In
Fill Someone In English, baby! Video Lesson

Learn English with this gossip English lesson

Date: Aug 13 2013

Themes: Soap Opera

Grammar: Present Perfect Progressive


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Do you like to gossip? If you do, your desire for new information about who’s dating who, and who’s in a fight with who, can feel as strong as hunger. When you don’t know what’s happening, you might feel empty. You might have to call your friend to get the dirt. “Hello,” you might say. “I don’t know what’s been going on with everyone lately. I’m out of the loop. Can you fill me in?”

To fill someone in is to erase that emptiness, or that blank, that not knowing can create. It means giving someone enough information that he or she will feel up to speed with current events. And it doesn’t just have to be about gossip. You can fill someone in on what’s been happening in the news, or in a class, or on a TV show. When you fill someone in, you’re providing someone with information that he or she didn’t have before.

Someone comes for a visit to the office, and she’s been away for a while. It’s time for her friends to fill her in. Find out what she’s missed in this gossip English lesson.


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Jeff:  Hey, everybody! Look who I found!

Amanda:  Oh, my goodness. What a surprise! Wow.

Mason:  What are you doing here? Are you OK? Is Jason OK?

Devan:  Oh, yeah. Everything’s fine. I’m just here for a visit. Jason’s doing really good. He’s been doing a lot of gardening. I actually brought you guys blueberries from our garden.

Mason:  Oh, cool.

Devan:  So, what’s been going on here? You guys have to fill me in on everything.

Mason:  Well, let’s see. You know Amanda and I got married.

Devan:  I know. I’m so bummed I couldn’t make it to the wedding.

Jeff:  Marni had her baby.

Marni:  Her name is Dawn. Do you want to see a picture?

Devan:  Yes. Oh, so cute! More. Tell me more! Fill me in.

Amanda:  Well, we hired a new intern. Her name is Lily and she’s great. In fact, she’s picking up my dry cleaning right now.

Devan:  Really? Does she do a lot of that kind of thing?

Mason:  Yeah, pretty much. Jeff’s dating Greta Vanderlake.

Jeff:  I don’t know if you’d call it dating.

Devan:  Wait, Greta Vanderlake, the movie star? How did you guys meet?

Amanda:  Well, she’s actually been doing some work with the company, believe it or not. We did this whole “Win a Date with Greta Vanderlake” promotion. Until Jeff over here ruined it. He started dating her himself.

Jeff:  Yeah, but it did bring a lot of attention to the site.

Amanda:  I know. You’re right, I guess.

Devan:  Oh my gosh, you guys. I had no idea so much could happen in just a couple months. I’m feeling full with all this gossip right now.


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There’s a surprise visitor to the office: Devan! She’s come back to town for a visit. She wants to know about everything that’s happened since she’s been gone.

And there’s plenty of gossip to fill her in on. There are babies, weddings, new employees, and new romances. It seems as if Amanda is still a little annoyed that Jeff ruined the promotion with Greta, but she’s not that mad.

After all that gossip, Devan needs to take a rest. She can’t believe so much has happened to her friends in just a few months!

Have you ever gone away and come back to find out that many things have happened in your absence? When you want to get filled in on gossip, how do you find out what’s going on?



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i like the essay . really thanx to share

11:04 PM Aug 17 2013 |




I began to  study in another city   where far away from home when i was junior three. i really missed my parents  and the everything happened in my hometown.so when my mom called me  phone ,i just said”please fill me in ,tell me what happen during my absence”usually at this time ,my mom would say” there is no gossip but everything is ok here .just take care of yourself in boarding school.” so u see! if only i go back home that i can know facts.

03:44 PM Aug 17 2013 |



hello baby

of course, it has happened .people experience on  such metter in daily life.

but i think, this metter interests to women more then men.the prying you are the more problems you will have.

11:54 AM Aug 16 2013 |



When someone fill you in some gossip, you shall decide which could be true.


02:24 AM Aug 16 2013 |




It’s everyone’s basic need to socializing and to gossip is the basic.For now,you can fill yourself in on everything by cellphone or internet instead of in person.However I think talking in person is the warmer way to keep you up in speed.

anyway,I don’t want to gossip that much,because I think that man should gossip less than woman.Man begins talk with gossip makes one feel embarrased.

02:02 PM Aug 14 2013 |




When i leave for a while or long time.I want to know sth about my good friend from someone.I think this is unblamable.But i hate malicious slander and blather.

07:41 AM Aug 14 2013 |



saying gossip, i’ll just miss my old friends in the school , many of them , we have a long time no see. i am working alone in shenzhen , i wish they could fill me in when i get back to changsha.

05:25 AM Aug 14 2013 |




fill someone in: let somedody know, give information more to somebody.

Could you please fill me in about your products which we are absolutely interested in??

11:16 PM Aug 13 2013 |

1 person likes this




We all pass judgement  from time to time. There’s no single person without that transgression. It’s ok, if the judgement will be negative or positive. For the same qaulities a person can be liked by others or disliked by the others. It’s ok! We’re all guilty with that critisizing of judgmental evaluation. The only thing is that positive, the inspiring, the shining, the charismatic nature should prevail and it’s for the good sake of the gossiper. Say something nice about a person, find something nice about him/her,  compliment and you, as a gossiper, will shine in the fame of the one being gossiped about.  Get inspiration from people’s good qualities and talk about them! But don’t get stuck in somebody’s shameful shows, it’s waste of time, there’re many more better and inspiring gossips for our great deeds ahead.

10:41 PM Aug 13 2013 |

1 person likes this




It is ok if after an absence we would want to know about our friends’ life,how are they doing ,etc, why shouldn’t we, after all ,they are our friends,aren’t they ?.What I am against to is when some malicious and judgmental people are only interested in digging up the “dirt” about someone who is not present at that moment.

06:50 PM Aug 13 2013 |




It’s good to go to a place that a long time you don’t go and find old friends. There is no pleasant conversation to fill in. Sometimes I feel like nostalgic.

03:53 PM Aug 13 2013 |

2 people like this



If you´re away from your friends for a while and you get back, it sucks to get filled in! Especially when you missed out on as much as Greta. I would feel really bad about what I´ve missed, almost guilty. With good friends you´ve to keep in touch all the time. Even if I´d live far away, I would look forward to meet up in person as often as possible. Because people change, even your good friends. Social Media gives you an idea of what they´re up to, but you and your friend could still drift apart and you wouldn´t notice until you guys would meet each other in person.

03:24 PM Aug 13 2013 |



Iran, Islamic Republic Of

It is usual friends who haven’t seen for awhile or for a long time each other that trying to know about changing them and situation.

01:09 PM Aug 13 2013 |




who doest want to gossip ??

some people think that gossip is women’s business ,

but Surveys are showed ,men like to gossip as women…ı think ,more than women ,

coz everybody want to know what happens around them ,its their right ,Learning desire ,curiosity is a  natural quailty of alive people..

11:05 AM Aug 13 2013 |


vanessa307Super Member!

Viet Nam

<!-[if gte mso 9]><xml>

in today’s internet information age , we have many different social networking sites like facebook , twitter , my space… which alot of pp can post and share the ups and downs of their daily lives. And it’s become easy for pp to know what’s happened to their friends by logging in those sites

09:31 AM Aug 13 2013 |



United Arab Emirates

there is gossip that i want to hear and there is gossip that i don’t want to hear.

i like someone to fill me in with some good gossip about an old friend or an event, and what i hate most is bad rumers and gossips that offense someone.

04:43 AM Aug 13 2013 |

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