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Date: Aug 19 2013

Themes: Music

Grammar: Simple Present Tense


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If you turn on the radio or go on the internet, you’re likely to hear examples of many types of music, from rock to hip hop to dance music. But whatever the genre, there’s one thing that most modern music has in common: drums. It’s rare to hear a song that doesn’t have some percussion driving the beat.

Some musicians make beats using drum machines or computers, while others still use a standard drum kit. Drums can ground a song and help to establish a groove. They provide the rhythm. And, if you’re angry, it can be fun to hit them! Find out whether Jeff or Devan is a drum master in this music English lesson.




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Jeff:  Man, my neighbors, I think they bought their kid a drum kit.

Devan:  Oh no. Does he just beat on it all day, every day?

Jeff:  He’s pretty enthusiastic about it, and I know how it goes, so…

Devan:  Do you know how to play any percussion instruments?

Jeff:  I do. A little bit. Not too good. Not too good at them, but it’s fun. It’s definitely, if you’re into most music, but especially dance music, drums are key.

Devan:  Who’s your favorite drummer?

Jeff:  There are so many different styles. I like certain jazz drummers.

Devan:  So you like drummers that, the music has a groove to it, sort of?

Jeff:  That’s what it’s about, you get in the groove. I think definitely a good drummer can carry the rest of the song to a next level type situation.

Devan:  Yeah. They hold down the beat, so they’re definitely an essential part of the band.


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Jeff and Devan both seem to like the drums. Jeff doesn’t even mind that his neighbor has started playing. Maybe that’s because Jeff plays drums, too, so he knows what’s it like to start out on a percussion instrument.

Jeff likes all styles of drumming, including jazz and anything with a groove. Both Devan and Jeff agree that the drums are one of the most important parts of any band. It’s hard to imagine any of your favorite songs without drums in them!

Do you like the drums? Have you ever played a percussion instrument? What do you think is the most important quality of a good song?



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My neighbors don’t play drums fortunately..I’ve never been into playing musical instruments, it seems kind of weird but it’s not a big deal, I got used just to listen, that’s all I do, although I do like Violin, that sound makes me feel like I’m being in another world and I start to think about what I’ve been through…Finally to clear it out, I’m not really fun of drum. 

09:47 AM Aug 20 2013 |

1 person likes this



thnx i learb a new words thnx

10:27 PM Aug 19 2013 |



Iran, Islamic Republic Of

I like Violin more than drums .Although drums have key role  in the most music method.

when your neighbor does have drum = you  haven’t sleeping in day.

02:13 PM Aug 19 2013 |

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drum is one kind of musical instrument all’y know that..definately i like to play drum and i used to play….very hard to play this instrument…to play drum required positive energy though enthusiasm required to play every instrument…personaly i thought the most important quality of good song is music which is help to make a groove in every song…withouht music song is nothing….most important thing is that drum which is usualy essential part of a band they used to hold down the beat….so i am very much enthusiatic about it and it’s one of my favourite instrument…..!!!!!!!!!no one can change the quality of drum…i would like to hats of to that person who made this nice instrument for us….specificaly me,i like to call him the god of music..!!!!!!!!!!

01:28 PM Aug 19 2013 |



Congo, Democratic Republic Of The

Yeah, personally I do like drum ‘cause I’m a drummer and drums is the key as mentioned above. Drums can carry a song to a next level, It’s so nice to play a percussion with drums

12:50 PM Aug 19 2013 |

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Iran, Islamic Republic Of

i like them so much,i play with them in my ipad.so strong sounds!!!!hahahha
but i love it when children play by that!!!:D

07:52 AM Aug 19 2013 |



hehe , i don’t know much drums thing , but i like drum kit as i am a child . i think it’s very cool to play it . that will feel great after play that with our whole energy . i think one paly drums is very attractive haha

02:55 AM Aug 19 2013 |

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