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All Good Things Must Come to an End
All Good Things Must Come to an End English, baby! Video Lesson

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Date: Nov 04 2014

Themes: Romance, Soap Opera, Work

Grammar: Comparing Quality


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Nothing is forever. That’s the expression, anyway. One day each of us will probably quit a job or move to a different home. Or just get a new cell phone. Many things we buy are not expected to work for our entire lives. And most of us don’t plan to do the same thing every day of every year. That would get pretty boring!

Unfortunately, if nothing is forever, then all good things must come to an end. The TV show you love will one day stop showing on TV. Your favorite jeans will eventually have too many holes in them to wear to school. Good things don’t last forever, as much as we wish they would. Fortunately, we always have our memories.

What did Rafael’s love interest mean when she said this expression to him? Learn Sultan’s opinion by reading today’s English lesson about appreciating what you have.

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Sultan:  Hey guys. How’s it going?

Jessica:  Good morning.

Rafael:  Hey, Sultan. Can I ask your advice on something?

Sultan:  Of course. What is it?

Rafael:  There’s this girl in my yoga class.

Jessica:  Emma.

Rafael:  Yes, Emma. When I said goodbye to her after class yesterday, she said, “All good things must come to an end.” What do you think she meant by that?

Jessica:  Rafael thinks she’s never coming back.

Sultan:  No, she means that your class was good, but like everything, it has to end eventually. She wasn’t saying goodbye forever.

Jessica:  See? Exactly. That’s exactly right.

Rafael:  Are you sure?

Sultan:  Definitely. It was a compliment. She said your class is good.

Jessica:  Don’t worry, Rafael. She is coming back. And so will I. I’ll be right back.

Sultan:  Today’s my last day visiting Jessica at her job. As you said, all good things must come to an end.

Rafael:  So, was it helpful?

Sultan:  Absolutely. What’s customary to do to show Jessica my appreciation?

Rafael:  I would send her a thank you note. If you want to be old school, you can write it out by hand, or you can send her an email.

Sultan:  Thanks. I think I’d really like a job at a place like this.

Rafael:  Well, good luck, man. I hope that wherever you work, you have co-workers as good as here. To me, that’s as important as the job.

Sultan:  Me, too. Thanks, Rafael.

Rafael:  No worries, man.


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Rafael is worried. The girl he likes, Emma, told him that all good things must come to an end as she was leaving yoga class. Rafael thinks that Emma isn’t going to come to his classes anymore, but Jessica tells Rafael that Emma wasn’t saying that. When Sultan arrives at work, he tells Rafael that Jessica is right. Sultan thinks that Emma was giving Rafael a compliment.

When Jessica leaves, Sultan asks Rafael how to say thank you to Jessica. She invited Sultan to visit the office for a few days to learn about her work, and he appreciates it. Rafael tells Sultan to write a thank you note to Jessica. They agree that it’s a great place to work, especially because of the people.

Do you agree with Sultan? Was Emma just saying something nice to Rafael? Do you believe that all good things must come to an end?



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All Good things must come to an end , and all of things will be memories , this is the life ,we just enjoy the process passed

05:47 AM Apr 29 2015 |



Yes, I Think Emma is right, because all good thigs must come to an and. Fortunately, all bad things must come to an end too. That’s the life! 

01:12 AM Apr 28 2015 |




yes it is true all good things must come to an end sometimes we dont desire any kind of change but still it happens because this is all life about and we should appreciates whatever life brings up for us and enjoy each and every moment.

08:10 AM Nov 12 2014 |



Saudi Arabia

Unfortunately, all good things must come to an end. A lesson from the life. Thanks.

04:32 PM Nov 09 2014 |




Every day is filled with something good. Pick 3 things and be grateful for it. It can be  anything – a rejuvinating walk, a heartwarming freind talk, an awarding work, helping someone in need, keeping your self control at work!:) and etc..

Just let’s be grateful for it and be happy!




Seiyf….. :-))))) your outstanding post is an evidence of an enourmous careful work you have done with it.  I bet all fans of this movie are in the delight right now.  I also bet that all fans of wisdom applaud you seeing the continuation of this lesson on the example of the movie. 

01:01 PM Nov 04 2014 |


United States

Julito, I like your statement “enjoy the good times while they last” very good advice! :)

12:45 PM Nov 04 2014 |




after all. it’s even harder to give up on everything you want. all good things must come to an end.

11:55 AM Nov 04 2014 |




Nelson: Every month is November, Sarah, and i love you every day. This is our month, it never has to end. I surrender all the attempts to control life, yours or mine. I live for one thing… to love you, to make you happy, to live firmly and joyously in the moment. November is all i know, and all i ever want to know. 
Nelson: I’m not leaving you, i know you love me.

Sara: I do, i’ve never felt anything like this, i never thought i’d have the chance and you gave that to me, Nelson.
Nelson: Then why are you doing this?
Sara: Because, it’s starting to happen.
Nelson: I don’t care.
Sara: Nelson, if you leave now everything we had will be perfect forever.  
Nelson: Sara, life isn’t perfect.

Sara: All we’ll have is how you remember me, and i need that memory to be strong and beautiful. Don’t you see, if i know that i’m remembered that way, i can face anything. God, Nelson, you’re my immortality.
Nelson: I want to take care of you Sara.
Sara: I’m gonna be alright, i’m going home, they know i’m coming, i need to do this. Just like i need to know that you’ll go on and have a beautiful life, the one you deserve. 

Sara: Close your eyes. I love you, Nelson Moss.
Nelson: I love you, Sara Deever.
Sara: Remember me.


11:04 AM Nov 04 2014 |




Going deeper into the conversation that the EB`s guys are  holding ,my guess is that what Emma meant by” all good things must come to an end”  is that she is having a crush on Rafael and she is pained that will not see him until next class.  Yes, i agree with all of you ,this is an universal truth , things, emotions etc.etc  all must come to an end  ,but fortunately bad things are also going to pass like water under a bridge . I like to buy new stuff : a watch, a pair of jeans, to name a few , in the past i used to get attached to  material things , now i have understood that with time they will have to start wearing out , no big deal, if i can i will buy a new one. To summon up”  nothing is permanent in this world”  let`s enjoy the good  times while they last .!!!! 



Iran, Islamic Republic Of

It’s good to think positive but totally i think it wasn’t suitable expression to say when he was saying goodbye, indeed for a compliment there are so many good sentences that she could tell…

yes, i do believe all good things must come to an end in this world!!

09:12 AM Nov 04 2014 |



Russian Federation

yes, I am agree that good things must come to an end. But other good things take their place. This is life. And a person should search good things in his present and appreciate the good things that he has in the present.

07:58 AM Nov 04 2014 |




the important thing is don’t cry when the best things come to the end…other good things will arrive sooner or later.,,

06:23 AM Nov 04 2014 |




All good things must come to an end is a simple phrase, yet a true one. Eventually everything we want to last will come to a point where it is no longer.
Someone once said these really wise words:
If we lived in a world without change, there would be no butterflies. Would you want to live in a world without those winged beauties….
There’s a season for everything, inhale the good, take the memory with you and grab every opportunity to create more and more goodness to make your life exciting….Just bear in mind there always is and will be a last time for everything…
I’ve recently quit a job I loved so much for a much better paid one. It was really hard for me to say goodbye to my dear colleagues who all became friends in one way or the other. Buckets of tears ran down our cheeks…but as you can see the world didn’t end. We’re still in contact and I am looking forward to every Girls night out in the future ;)




When will Emma come out..?.

Nothing is forever..  Better me!.

03:06 AM Nov 04 2014 |




I tend to the conclusion that Emma was saying a compliment to Rafael. Therefore Sultan is right. Why do I think like that?  Because we usually say the same phrase in my area when we like lesson, performance or something else. 

As for the general meaning of this phrase of the lesson. All good (bad) things must come to an end – I do strongly believe that. Against our will and prayers nothing is forever in this life. 

Everything we have in our lives (feelings, emotions, actions) is more or less related to ” all good things must come to an end ”. We react on changing world, on changes of ourselves and people around. We adjust ourselves to the new chapter of life after  things came to an end. 

Totally agree and support Rafael with his viewpoint that good co-workers as important as the job . 

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