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Being Alone
Being Alone

Learn English with this being alone English lesson

Date: Feb 06 2019

Themes: Time

Grammar: Simple Present Tense


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Everyone always needs some time to themselves. Alone time can be a great chance to just relax and unwind without worrying about what another person needs. It’s just you!

It can feel awkward to do things by yourself that you normally do with friends, like to go out to eat or to go to a concert. But you might realize that you enjoy being alone when you do these activities. You’ll get used to it and won’t even notice that you’re by yourself.

Brian tells Lily about how he went to see a movie by himself and had a great time. Learn more in today’s English lesson about having some “me time.”


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Lily:  Hey, Brian. How are you doing?

Brian:  Oh, good. I just went and saw a movie last night.

Lily:  Who’d you go with?

Brian:  No one. I just went by myself. It was a cheap movie night and I wanted to go see a movie.

Lily:  Wasn’t that kind of awkward?

Brian:  No, it was awesome. It was so relaxing. I didn’t have to make small talk with anyone. No pressure.

Lily:  Well, OK. I always get really self-conscious if I go to places by myself. I feel like people are always judging me.

Brian:  Sometimes I feel really self-conscious with another group of people because I want to make sure I say the right thing. I like having my own me time.

Lily:  Yeah, I can understand that. But it still makes me kind of uncomfortable. It must be kind of nice to be able to set your own itinerary and go do whatever you want.

Brian:  I think a lot of people do things alone. They just don’t necessarily realize it. You don’t have to go out to do it. I know some folks like to grab a coffee in the morning. And that’s their own little special time to get ready for the day.

Lily:  That’s an interesting way to think about it. I guess I do more alone than I thought.

Brian:  Yeah.


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Lily was surprised to hear that Brian went to see a movie by himself. She says that she would feel too self-conscious about being alone, and afraid that other people might be judging her. It can feel awkward to be by yourself when other people are with their friends.

Brian likes that there is no pressure when he’s alone. He enjoys his me time and finds that it’s really relaxing. He points out to Lily that people do many things alone and it’s not a big deal.

Do you often spend time by yourself? What types of activities do you do alone?



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Iran, Islamic Republic Of

I did read all the comments and i do agree with most of them.

nothing left to add :)

we human beings are social creature, we can not live alone and stand alone in our life long, those who would rather be away from every one , surely wish inside they had some one beside themselves who could be match with them, understand them and not judge them .

We also have to learn to respect each other’s privacy, we all need me time , we like to do some stuff alone, and for sure that is different from one person to another.

For me, when iam alone , i can concentrate more on what i do , but that doesnt mean i like being alone, i’m completely a social person and i enjoy being with those who give me a good feeling! :) 


09:44 PM Jan 21 2015 |

pierremirandSuper Member!


I like to be alone to pray, read my Bible and worship my Lord.

07:01 PM Jan 21 2015 |




There are something like jogging,reading books,listening to music that almost everyone prefer to do it by themself ,In fact ,those things didn’t require you think thoroughtly before you do it.On the other hand ,if come across something difficult and complicated even if related to safety problem ,families ,friends  always be the shielder

03:08 PM Jan 21 2015 |




I don’t mind going alone to some places. The only thing is safety concern for me. I don’t mind what people think about me, but I mind to have my journey safe until the rest of the day. So if you go with someone, you’re kinda relaxed in terms of safety and kinda tied in terms of time, since somebody would like to go home earlier than you do and you rush instead of relaxing the show. So, the balance is the key. And if I go alone, it will never be alone journy. Somebody will always start talking to me. It’s kinda funny, but it’s the fact, that’s why I feel like more unsafe, because people are different. Somebody are happy to talk to and somebody you’re not. 

02:34 PM Jan 21 2015 |



Iran, Islamic Republic Of

Learning English is the most pleasurable activity which I do alone.
I usually brew a big pot of tea, play some music while I’m surfing some English websites for hours, then I just forget all about time and suddenly realize it that it’s so late in the night.
In general I love to be alone to focus and concentrate all of my thoughts and energy on a particular activity, it’s so energetic and therapeutic but I hate it to be alone and let my thoughts get over me to deceive me by junkie thoughts, it’s a real headache.

12:22 PM Jan 21 2015 |



ı forgat to add something, 

we can not do everything alone …))))

12:08 PM Jan 21 2015 |




It is true that every people do activities alone.

Some example in my life: swimming, reading, go to library, some works at home

And of course I read Englishbaby alone too :)

11:54 AM Jan 21 2015 |



you cannot understand,meaning of  the Light, if you didnt see the darkness..

you cannot understand meaning of friendship ,sharing ,if you didnt live the loneliness,

you cannot understand meaning of the warmth,if you didnt  feel the cold..

we born alone but we cant live alone along the life..always we need closer people..family..friends..relatives around us.

coz life isnt easy for alone person ..

on the other hand,sometimes everybody needs to be alone ..for understanding ,realizing,noticing people,events and relations ..silenceness helps us for listening our inner voice ..

and life needs only balance :))  

11:40 AM Jan 21 2015 |



Soooo, I always do lots of things with my friends and family. Going out, coming to the party, dancing, doing exercise, sometimes studying. I don’t even watch movies alone, beacuse it isn’t rewarding enough. What about chatting? Good instance is Englishbaby. we log in and for some people it is only improving English, but for others it is place to meet new and interesting people. We don’t want to be alone even here. 

Of course in my life there is time when I need to be alone. I sometimes feel awkward to be by myself when other people are with my friends. But it is my opportunity. I can unwind and also ruminate about lots of things and behaviours. I must have “me time”, or else I will be mad. Maybe funny, but true :)

11:39 AM Jan 21 2015 |




  Ebaby is getting better and better  with its topics of conversation .  I can  resonate with  Lily ´s confession that she wouldn`t  feel  at easy if she had to go to the cinema alone. I can  do that , but deep inside i would be pondering on what others could  think   , that i am a loner, a loser  . Ok, i can live with that .  

Jogging is one activity that i do alone but as a rule I prefer going out with the pack

10:12 AM Jan 21 2015 |



Language… has created the word ‘loneliness’ to express the pain of being alone. And it has created the word ‘solitude’ to express the glory of being alone.


Paul Tillich




Thanks for today’s vocabulary tidbit – I love them all!

I admit, every now and then I try to go out of my way to escape people. It’s quite exhilerating to shut off that survival mechanism to give myself the space I need in this big, big world. So I can resonate with Brian because I also do enjoy my me time. Coming back to center helps me to turn my attention outward again.



Russian Federation

oh! a very good topic) I prefer to spend much time by myself. I like being alone. I always do what I want. I enjoy me time and find that it’s really relaxing too

08:42 AM Jan 21 2015 |




I love being alone for a short time but I get bored if I stay alone for a long time. I prefer having my family and my good friends with me for sure but sometimes I really want to have me time. 

Being out with friends or having a family reunion at home is priceless. In the other hand being alone and listening your soul is the most effective therapy. 

I prefer being alone when I read my favourite magazine or book while having a cup of tea. It’s so relaxing.



Sometimes it seems like “alone” time is just a faint memory, but as being busy at work most of your day, taking time for you can be one of the most important things you do with your day. Taking time for yourself might seem secondary to your work,duty towards your family, relatives and friends but between loads of work and family duty, every one needs just a few minutes to him or herself every day (even just for a quick cup of tea!). So put down the folders, memos, files and put your to-do list aside for a while, and  stay sane and stress-free and enjoy peace of mind even for few minutes. Often times when we’re surrounded by other people, we’re expending a lot of energy. Trying to keep others happy, make them laugh, soothe their egos, read their emotions, and all of the other rigors that come along with regular interaction.

It can be mentally draining if you’re constantly connected to other people. A little alone time lets you recharge and take a break from the emotionally and mentally taxing job of constant interaction.

08:31 AM Jan 21 2015 |




To be honest ,i like to being alone and really enjoy myself .Being along means no pressure and just do whatever you want.No need to care the judgment from other people.Totally free.As for me,i prefer to go shopping by myself,especially there was something i have to buy.But,Window shopping is another thing.



Russian Federation

I have my me time every evening as I live alone. But consciously or unconsciously I get in touch with my real-life or online friends or relatives. We have little talks, planning, laughing together or whatever.

Being alone and having ur time which is relaxing and awesome is a need but not for all the times. We are a part of social life so we have to be surrounded by ppl. And we come to ebaby to be in a certain circle of ppl too.

Reading, drinking tea or coffee, drawing, listening to ur favourite music, walking – these are among the activites we can do alone without being judged. That is what I think :-)



Iran, Islamic Republic Of

Me time? Ha?

Yes there are some things that I prefer to do alone but I usually enjoy of being with my friends or my family!!

I can’t believe anyone dosent like to be with family or friends!

I never feel my family hurts me!We know the worth of our beloved ones when we lose them!I wish I could spend all the moments of my life with my dear mom!! :(

Anyway I think everyone sometimes needs a little privacy to feel relaxing and stay away from any pressure!

I enjoy of going shopping alone or staying alone at home and watch a movie or do my personal works but not most of the time!In spite of all being with my dear friends always makes me happy!

I too think going to cinema or traveling by myself  are a little awkward but who knows? It’s possible I will try them someday! :D

Of course I don’t care other people maybe judging me!!

It’s my own life!



South Korea

I usually go to some palces by myself. i don’t need to feel self-conscious about others. I just do what I want to do. At coffeeshop, drinking coffee, I read books . it is really awesome. i do have my me time. i have my time to myself. whoever is judging me doesn’t matter to me. i just enjoy my time, no pressure, relaxing.

04:52 AM Jan 21 2015 |


Iran, Islamic Republic Of

This lesson was great! thank you!!

I always wish to be away from others and do anything i will by my own

living alone is my biggest wish

my annoying family and ignorant people always hurt me

I really need ME TIME!!!

04:12 AM Jan 21 2015 |

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