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RIP Muhammad Ali
RIP Muhammad Ali

Learn English meaning of 'RIP Muhammad Ali'

Date: Aug 05 2016

Themes: Celebrity, News, Pop Culture

Grammar: Adverbs


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On June 3, 2016, a famous American athlete passed. Muhammad Ali was a remarkable boxer. He won many, many fights. After winning so many fights, people gave him a new name. They called him “The Greatest.” They said he was a beast when he was boxing. He even won a gold medal in the 1960 Olympics!

Muhammad Ali was more than a man with a boxing career. He was a stand-up guy, and he helped many people. One time he even convinced a man to not jump off a building. Also, civil rights were very important to Muhammad Ali. He wanted people to be nice to other people. He wanted to further civil rights for people in the United States.

Andy and Marni are talking about Muhammad Ali’s legacy. Listen to this English lesson to find out what they think.


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Andy_H:  I just want to take a moment of silence right now for “The Greatest.”

Marni:  Muhammad Ali?

Andy_H:   Muhammad Ali. He unfortunately passed, and what a great guy. Sure, he had this incredible boxing career...

Marni:  Yes.

Andy_H:  ...but he did so much for the community, and he did so much for civil rights. You know, one time, he actually helped a guy who was considering jumping off a building. And Muhammad Ali went up to the top floor…

Marni:  Wow.

Andy_H:  ...and convinced him that it wasn’t worth it. He said, you’re my brother, let me help you.

Marni:  That’s amazing.

Andy_H:  Just a stand-up guy.

Marni:  Yeah, he really did a lot with his celebrity to further social issues and African-American rights. I think that his legacy is pretty remarkable. And he specifically felt that he should use his fame to further social justice and social causes.

Andy_H:  Mmm huh.

Marni:  That’s pretty awesome.

Andy_H:  And beat some other giant grown men. That guy was a beast.

Marni:  He was a man of many talents, and may he rest in peace.


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Muhammad Ali recently passed. Andy wants to take a moment of silence to think about how great Muhammad Ali was. Muhammad Ali had an amazing boxing career. He was strong and fast. He was a beast. But Andy thinks Ali’s legacy is more than just being a remarkable boxer.

Andy remembers that Muhammad Ali saved a man’s life one time. The man wanted to jump off a building, and Ali convinced him not to do it. Marni agrees that Muhammad Ali was a stand-up guy. He did many good things to further civil rights for people in the United States. She hopes he will rest in peace.

Who is your favorite athlete? Do you think Muhammad Ali was a remarkable boxer?



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bora_78Super Member!


He was a old boxer who suffered from parkinson disease.He had protested anti-war in the US,he became an international most famous peacekeeper in the world . He had been loved by Turkish community,so that  catch him matches I had been unable to slept until 03.00 am.His pass away influenced  me deeply.Rest in peace dauntless man.

02:13 AM Jan 16 2019 |

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muhammad ali was a great person.he was not only a boxer but he was a one man army.i am very sorry that he is no more but people will always remember him for what he did in his life.he was very great celebraty.i dedicate some best <a href=”http://www.goodnightmessagebox.com”>good night messages</a> for that great person

04:59 AM Oct 16 2016 |

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Well,I don’t have a favourite athlete… Actually, I’ve never heard of Muhammad Ali until his death,unfortunately, since I’m not a fan of boxing.. Anyway,after what I’ve seen of what he did,I can assume that he was really a great man,with Nobel goals and targets,so I respect him.He taught for justice,and what he believed in,and that’s’ awesome. He lived a champion, and he absolutely died as a champion.Respect.

10:34 PM Aug 09 2016 |



Iran, Islamic Republic Of

Dear Members ,

With regard to the topic. I would like to thank English Baby’s empolyees for choosing such an excellent topic for their English students . I  do appreciate you all for reawakening us to remember the man who fought for justice and equality . 

To my knowledge , he was biger than boxing and arena . I am just speechless to say how extraordinary this man was . As Jacob21 said earlier, hiw quotes are so constructive and informative as an illustration , ” Service to others is the rent you pay for your room here on earth ”. The greatest of all time laid to eaternal peace ,and his way to  the light captivates those who seek spritualism and eternity . 

06:03 PM Aug 08 2016 |


United States

Muhammad Ali is a great man of this world. He is a famous person because of this personality and boxing skills. Everybody knows about him. We are sad about his passed. His qoutes is still available and I am recommending you to read his famous quotes. I have gotten an assinment from my college to write about Muhammad Ali. I am not good in english and that is why I am looking for a writng service rushessay . Is anyone know about this?



Iran, Islamic Republic Of

muhammad ali was perfect man

02:49 PM Aug 06 2016 |



Iran, Islamic Republic Of

Recently I read a book about Mohammad Ali “The soul of a butterfly”, and it helped me to know more about him. I think despite his greatness in boxing it was his nice temper with people, loving all people, his strong faiths and standing for his faith that made him great and well-known worldwide.

When somebody don’t know about him may think he only was a Boxing legend but with knowing more about his life, we may know that it was his love to people and live with strong faith that made him greatest. I think reading more about him would be helpful for us as he said:”during my boxing career, you did not see the real Muhammad Ali. You just saw a little boxing and a little showmanship.”

I think champions are not being made in the Boxing ring or Wrestling mats but in the field of everyday life and their attitude toward people.We have a champion like Muhammad Ali who was wrestler, his name was “Golamreza Takhti” and he was a great wrestler but what made him great for us was his morality and behavior toward people and all Iranians know him as a great moral person and praise him for that.

Excuse me for long comment!

06:09 AM Aug 06 2016 |


ola3Super Member!


Well, box is one of the sports I don’t and will never undrestand. It’s the sport where somebody gets bitten, hurt, punched, thrown into coma and it’s all aimed to knock out your opponent. So I will never take a boxer as a role model for my kids, students..

10:54 PM Aug 05 2016 |



I remember, ı was woking up for watching his boxing matches in early morning,about 4-5 am, on white and black screen TV …his macthes were lasting very long but he was winning  always…he was idol of our childhood..and still ı remember his words before and after matches  ” ı fly like a butterfly and ı bite like a bee ” 

10:38 PM Aug 05 2016 |




I think it’s fair to say there always will be something magical about Ali. First known for his cockiness, his fast fists and his swift steps he truly dominated the world of boxing.

I did a lesson on Muhammad Ali right after he passed away. My students and I learned that he always did things to help his people. Even while he suffered from tremors and after he got diagnosed with Parkinson, he kept devoting himself to charitable causes. The lesson convinced us all that Ali is indeed an enternal icon, an icon who knew how “to float like a butterfly and sting like a bee”!



He was our legacy and remarkable person among athletics in the world
To me , I missed him not only for his career and also for fighting against racism people and governments .
He will remind in my memory forever .
God bless Cassius Marcellus Clay, Jr.

02:10 AM Aug 05 2016 |



He was our legacy and remarkable person among athletics in the word .
To me , I missed him not only for his career and also for fighting against racism people and governments .
He will remind in my memory forever .
God bless Cassius Marcellus Clay, Jr.

02:09 AM Aug 05 2016 |

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 I like the pinpong(the table tennis ball)ball athlete YiNing  Zhang. No reason. Though , there are so many pingpong ball athlete, I only like her. Really no reason.

  Yes. I don’t know Muhammad Ali. But if what the article says is true, I think he is really a great man not only a athlete but also a really great man.

  I think everyone who is kindhearted and respectful others is deserved to be respected and loved by others. Even though he is not successful and not famous.

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