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Gut Feeling
Gut Feeling English, baby! Video Lesson

Learn English in this lesson about 'Gut Feeling'

Date: Sep 27 2016

Themes: Alternative, Soap Opera, Work

Grammar: Present Perfect Progressive


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Do you ever just know something? You can’t explain how or why, but you are sure that you are right. Perhaps, you have a hunch that it is going to rain, even though there isn’t a cloud in the sky. Or maybe, you meet someone and know right away that you are going to be friends. Feelings like these are hard to explain, but they are also very common. In fact, they are so common that there is a word for them: a gut feeling.

A gut feeling is an instinct or intuition. Your gut is another word for your stomach, so a gut feeling is something you feel in your stomach or chest. Don’t confuse this with a stomachache! A gut feeling does not have anything to do with being sick. You may not have any logical reason for a gut feeling, but that doesn’t mean you should ignore it. Sometimes, gut feelings can save a person’s life! For example, maybe, you had a hunch that you should not get on a certain train, then found out later that the train had crashed. Your intuition warned you about the danger. However, sometimes, a gut feeling does not pay off, and our instincts are wrong.

Watch the video to see if Andy’s gut feeling pays off in this episode.

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Sheila:  Hey, everyone. I’ve got a gut feeling this must be Andy’s dream.

Jordin:  Yup. Your instincts are correct.

Kelsey:  So, what do we do now, Andy?

Andy_H:  Here, read this. In my dream, you were narrating.

Kelsey:  I’m narrating your dream?

Andy_H:  Correct.

Kelsey:  OK, here we go. Andy, a chiseled, handsome investigator

Jordin:  Do your dreams often begin with women saying how handsome you are?

Sheila:  They should…

Kelsey:  Moving on a bit… Andy is sitting in a Monterey. He is on a case. His partner, a beautiful, intelligent, young… moving on a bit… sits next to him. The two have been on the case for a long time. They have been casing the joint for several days and nights. Waiting, but waiting for what? What are we going to…?

Andy_H:  Actually, Sheila says that part.

Jordin:  Andy, I like your dream and all, but what am I doing here?

Andy_H:  You’re right, if we are going to recreate this dream, we should do it right. OK. Jordin, you’re undercover. Sheila and I are staking out the building. And Dominique…

Dominique:  What’s going on here?

Andy_H:  You’re the police captain that doesn’t have patience for my screwball antics and insubordination.

Dominique:  Sounds good.

Andy_H:  OK, everybody ready? Here we go.

Sheila:  What are we doing here? It’s been two days, nothing’s happened.

Andy_H:  I’ve got a gut feeling… something’s going to happen soon.

Sheila:  Well, your instincts are usually right, but if they’re not, the captain’s not going to like this.

Andy_H:  My hunches are never wrong. Jordin should be back to report soon, we’ll see what she says.

Kelsey:  And so our heroes wait. Sheila tries to find patience while Andy secretly worries that, maybe, just maybe, his hunch is not correct this time….


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Everyone is in Andy’s dream about the 1970s. Andy hands Kelsey a piece of paper and asks her to read it. In his dream, she was narrating. Kelsey reads the paper, but skips over some of the parts describing how handsome Andy is! Meanwhile, Jordin is confused about why she is there at all.

Andy realizes that Jordin is right. If they are going to recreate his dream, they need to do it right. Andy and Sheila are staking out the building. Jordin is an undercover cop looking for clues. Dominique, who just showed up, is the police captain. Everyone begins to act out their roles. Andy and Sheila are waiting for Jordin to come back with information. Andy has a gut feeling that something is going to happen soon, but could his hunch be wrong this time? Find out next week!

Do you like police dramas? What do you think about the fashion of the 1970s?



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United States

Dialogs are very helpful if you want to practice your pronunciation and to study new words. I also know that you can find a great resource for essay writing in the Internet and develop your writing skills.

01:20 PM Jun 07 2017 |



How come in the end I had a gut feeling that Andy is the bad guy?

07:02 AM Oct 08 2016 |



No. I don’t like police dramas. But I like the film about police. I ever so loved the police and gangster film when I was young.

I don’t know exactly about the fashion of the 1970s. I would thought maybe it was a pair of jeans, a bicycle, a television, a popular song, a curly hair, in my country from the film and novel.

05:31 AM Sep 27 2016 |

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