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Stomping Ground
Stomping Ground English, baby! Video Lesson

Learn English meaning of ‘stomping ground’

Date: Feb 21 2017

Themes: How To, Music, Soap Opera

Grammar: Imperative Form


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Where do you go the most? Do you visit the same places you visited when you were younger? Your favorite places change over time, but you probably have one or two important places that you visit almost every day. For example, you might go to work each day in the same place. Or you might stop at the same coffee shop every morning. These places are your stomping grounds.

A person spends a lot of time in their stomping grounds, and they usually enjoy these places. It can be a lot of fun to return to your old stomping grounds, too. You might visit your hometown and see old friends from a past neighborhood. You may even visit an old favorite restaurant, where you used to share gossip with the other regulars. Your past stomping grounds will probably give you many happy memories.

Kelsey is getting ready to record a music video about her old stomping grounds, but she’s very nervous. Find out if the director can help her in today’s video English lesson.

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Kate:  My old stomping grounds! I haven’t been in this studio for a while! How’s everyone doing?

Jordin:  Great!

Kate:  Great! I am Kate. I’m Sara’s assistant, and I’ll be directing Kelsey’s music video.

Dominique:  Great to meet you. We’re all excited for the shoot!

Kate:  Nice to meet you, too. The crew will be arriving shortly, and I just wanted to talk about the process before we get started. So, first things first… where’s Kelsey?

Jordin:  She needed a moment. She was feeling super nervous.

Kate:  I see. OK! I’ll be right back.

Kelsey:  I don’t know if I can do this. The director is going to be here soon.

Kate:  You can, and you will, and she’s already here.

Kelsey:  Oh!

Kate:  Feeling nervous, Kelsey?

Kelsey:  What if I forget the lyrics? What if it doesn’t sound good?

Kate:  OK, OK… relax. Now, what is your song about?

Kelsey:  I mean, I guess it’s about my old stomping grounds… my hometown, the house I grew up in, my old neighborhood.

Kate:  Excellent. And how did you write the song?

Kelsey:  I just kind of closed my eyes and imagined how it was there… how I felt then.

Kate:  Perfect. Then, that’s all you have to do today. Just imagine yourself there. Imagine it, and sing. Can you do that?

Kelsey:  I can do that.

Kate:  Let’s make this happen.

Jordin:  Wait! So, you’re thinking about selling Travel Bug?

Dominique:  Well, nothing is final yet, so I don’t think we should tell Kelsey today. She already has enough to think about right now. We’ll set up a meeting next week to go over things.

Jordin:  Tell me more. What made you want to sell, suddenly?

Dominique:  Well, I was in my old stomping grounds last week, and I ran into an old neighbor. She’s selling her coffee shop, and I thought it might be fun to run a coffee shop. I really like my old neighborhood. It might be fun to hang out there again. Instead of working in an office, I would be able to talk to the regulars and hear all the gossip.

Jordin:  That does sound pretty fun. You’d need employees, right? I love coffee!

Dominique:  Definitely! I mean, if this all happens.

Kate:  All right everyone, our star is back, and she is ready! So, without further ado... let’s get started.


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Kate, who will direct Kelsey’s music video, arrives at the studio. She is happy to see her old stomping grounds. She tells Jordin and Dominique that the crew will get there soon. However, she doesn’t see today’s video star, Kelsey. Jordin explains that she is very nervous, so Kate goes to talk to her. Kelsey tells Kate all of the bad things that might happen today. Kate asks Kelsey to talk about her song. Kelsey explains that it is about her hometown. As she talks to Kate, she calms down.

Inside the studio, Jordin asks Dominique about her plan to sell Travel Bug. Dominique tells her that she hasn’t made a final choice yet. However, her friend is selling a coffee shop, and Dominique thinks it would be fun to buy it. She wants to talk to the regular customers and hear all the local gossip. Jordin says that she would love to work there, too. Finally, Kate and Kelsey return. They are ready to make a music video.

Where were your old stomping grounds? Are you a regular at a restaurant or store?



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My old stumping grounds are in Shanghai – I know all of the history of it and I love it there – how about you?

01:08 PM Feb 23 2017 |




My stomping grounds is the neighborhood where I grew up. Visiting this place is like finding a time capsule that brings back memories of a past that sadly will never come back. I share Mahtab´s views, that is why i stated: sadly will never come back. Ok, ok, we have to move on with our lives ,after all,nothing is permanent in this world. 

04:07 PM Feb 21 2017 |



Iran, Islamic Republic Of

Virtual world , virtual life , virtual locations and virtual stomping grounds!!!

Interesting view S&W 😀

In fact I prefer to try new coffee shops and new resturants!

Being in my old stomping grounds makes me a little sad because of memories I had with my dear ones who were with me in those places but now I have lost them !😔

It was nice to see you again dear S&W🌹




Well, is stomping groungs must be a specific location? Could it be a website like english baby?

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