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What does "roots" mean?

Vocabulary Word: roots

1. Definition (n.) history; background; where something comes from

Examples I would like to go to the library to learn about my family’s roots.

Examples The miniseries Roots tells the history of a slave family in the early United States.

Examples My roots are based in architecture. My mother was an architect, and her father was also an architect.

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2. Definition (n.) foundation or source

Examples The urge to tend my garden can be traced back to my family’s agricultural roots.

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There has been a root corruption for revulotion of Iran back in 70 ’s .
Two countries had made it . One of country did by its media it’s called BBC and the other one had done with its world power as USA .
But there is Big Question why both of them wanted to change King Of Iran ?
It’s very simple to answer the question . It is natural resource and strategic of Iran in its region .

04:28 AM Dec 03 2015 |

La Princesse de la vie


We got that tradition down from my family’s roots.

07:26 PM Apr 11 2015 |




I’d like to find out my family’s roots as well

06:13 PM Jan 08 2015 |



it makes me remember the roots (book) 

07:51 PM Sep 27 2013 |



Iran, Islamic Republic Of

My name has a Syriac roots meaning “Birth”, especially mentioned to “Jesus’s birth ” :)

01:23 PM May 10 2013 |

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