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Viet Nam

May 5, 2009

For a long time i have not writen anything. This night, turning on the computer but don’t know what to do. I don’t want to check mails, don’t want to think of job or studying. Just need to talk to someone, looking at the friend list in yahoo  but still don’t want to chat with anyone. Overall its hard to find a person that really understand u. but i can’t complain about my friends coz i m too introvert, alw shirk myself behind the skin of a firm person, or a unprejudiced person. Yes, I m not open- minded to my friends so i don’t have rights to require them to be beside me when when im sad, or need a shouder.

            A test season is coming again,  but why i don’t have any inspiration to study at all. Huhuhuhu. Each day, trying to resist myself from cutting off class, trying to attend class but alw keep the cell phone in my left hand, n keep looking at it all the time, just waiting for the break time n then waiting for the ringing bell marking the studying time of that day at my university is over. Hic, but the second year at uni is nearly over, n there are just 2 more years left i will graduate.2 years is not a short time and also not a long time. Hahhahah. The reality is in contrast, each day i talk to myself , set for myself many goals but all i do is watching movies n sleeping. Why is it so hard to concentrate on studying?is there anyone can give me some tips??/// i also meet difficulties with my job at that organization. I tried all my best to get that position but when achieving it i suddenly feel bored with that job. Or maybe coz  i hoped so much. its right, the more u expect, the more disappointed u are…….. but its alright i ll balance myself quickly Cry


06:29 AM May 08 2009

Viet Nam

Hello you, my name's Trong. I have just read your nonsense. When i read it i feel sad. Just as you, i have many expect so i hit it off with you that ''the more you expect the more disappoint you are''. I have no advice for you but i want share my experience with you.Whenever i have mentation or disorientation i often pray to God. I say to God my mind and believe in the rescue of Jesus. Then i often feel better. I wish you will soon smile again. And i will be very glad if you can add me as your friend. Thank you!

01:28 AM May 06 2009


Viet Nam

I have just been a member of this web, and then I find some friend to add into my blog. Oh, it is bored as after a little, I don't find anyone at all who come to Vietnam. Also, perhaps I am not yet to find out. But when I enter to other site, I have seen you and your comment that you wrote. I think you are in trouble! and I want to make friend with you, I am bored too. I am Dung, I now live in Hanoi, at this time I am staying at home to learn English and study other things. I wonder if you want to make friend with me or not. However, I suppose we have several thought each other. I have ever passed the same time like you ago and I also have no one at that time, I thought my life is very boring.

Now I always stay alone, not communication to anyone, I am also studying for my exam at the end of the year. Anyway, I am glad to make friend with you, 

I look forward to your answer.

Please to meet you

February 16, 2009

Let’s everyday go by n don’t know wht i m doing. I feel not interested in the department that i chose but have no courage to choose again or begin the new way. Everyday is the same, going to my uni n come back home. While many good friends are beside me, my parents, my brother, my relatives love me. they always worry 4 me, take care of me but i still feel lonely. I can’t tell out all my feeling or my thoughts with them. Why? I can’t see myself.  people  think that im always happy, lucky so it make me also pretend to be  like that all the time. I feel ashamed when let people know that im sad or im crying. I completely don’t like the living way my parents or my relatives are trying to build 4 me.i don’t want to disappoint them, i don’t want to make them cry.

I m really really painful when my uncle said he was extremely disappointed with me.he said  i made him have a feeling of  falling down suddenly into a deep hole. I don’t want to do that. I just want to tell him  im not a perfect person, im not the person as my parents or all people alw think of me.im afraid of the word “proud”, i don’t want to hear that anymore from anyone. It make me be under pressure all the time. Always try to live in or set a limitation 4 myself. And  i never never overcome the circle that they drew 4 me.

Maybe im too selfish, too complicated, or too sensitive. Im trying to make everything serious or to think everything in a wrong way.

The gap between generations is clear n natural. I don’t have rights to require that parents or anyone  alw have to understand me. rasing questions all the time but never try to find out the answers. Think its not fair when people don’t understand me but never try to understand them. Think they don’t love me but never show that i love them. Think they don’t miss me but never call them or send messages to them. Think they have faults but when they say sorry, never answer them……

Dear grandmother

 I used to think  u didn’t love me  n i myself think that i also don’t love u, don’t have any relationship with u. i thought that, and acted as i thought. But i  have to repent for all this life. Just when u passed away, u are not beside me, i can’t see u anymore i found out that how much i love u.

I remember that night on Christmas day- u went away forever. U went to fast, no one can say good bye to u. no one….i cried, cried a lot. I looked at u but u lied there with closed eyes n out of breath.i thought abt the time  when u were alive. I never just 1 time told u i love u. tears now are too late. Repentance is useful. Why just when really losing something can i recognize my real feeling? Look at the grandfather’s eyes i also see the repentance of him while can’t beside u at that moment. The first time i saw him cry.he seem not to know anything, he was quite empty, just sitting at a place seeing at 1 point as if u were standing there n looking at him. Whether or not he was thinking like me.repenting of not telling how how much he loves u, n how much he misses u.

Love is hard to tell directly but love can’t wait 4 anyone if  not say it  out, u ll lose it 4rever.

I lost my grandmother 4rever…………………………………………………………..


02:41 PM Feb 24 2009


Did I read somewhere on your blog that you want to die? I would love to kill myself with somone from Japan. I live in England, but it's easy for me to just get a flight over - who cares about credit-card debt when you are about to die?

If you do not want to die, can you point me to some Japanese websites where people who are sad arrange to meet up?

Hope this comment didn't offend you.

February 6, 2009

“My dear sister. Im sorry coz i  made u and parents sad a lot. Im sorry for all the bad things i had made. I see that you are also very sad…..”

It’s the message i was given in the morning from my brother. He said sorry. “ im sorry”  seems  too hard with me to tell him in person. I also had fault in our argument but coz of my ego i let everything go by. Now i have to thank to God. God gave me  a sweet brother like that. I many times wished i were the only child , wish he never appeared in my family. But now i see that im the most lucky sister coz i has him as my younger brother. I love u so much. Now u are 18 years old. You have grown up, you have many other relationships, i can’t require u alws think of me first. I was too selfish.

But i still like you change the word “ brother” into “ sister” in your favourite song “My brother” when u sings at home. HahhahahahhahaLaughingLaughingim too childish

Say sorry when making faults  not just keep in my mind. I ll do that. Thanks you- my brother. U ve made me change a lot.


08:30 PM Feb 08 2009



it is happy for you having a young brother! in china, because we have so many people so since 80's we take a born control policy that one family only allows to have a baby.so, you dont have a sister or brother. I know somtimes there will be quarreling but in general happy is more than sad!

ok, just smile! your smile is so amazing!