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Life Talk!

Should we learn sex.....




As we come to this world we are taught to live life according to the choice of our parents… We learn a b c  of language,we are taught how to eat,how to clean our face…. how to brush our teeth…. We are taught every small action of life…. except  sex & marriage  which are major dimensions of our life.. we do not get practical knowldge of it & we are left in the society with hans tied,legs tied,mouth tied & even eyes tied by the religions… we live miserable life…Because our existential life demands different & we are supplied different… We feel that we know about sex too much & there is nothing learn …

As we are not animals,we have develloped every dimension of our life,like living in homes,way of our diet & every part of our life has changed.. but we have left sex out of it…rather we are taught to supress it..which makes us miserable..

I feel that evryone should learn  the'art of sex' & 'art of living married life' so as to eliminate miseries of life…

Every yougster should learn the art of sex from a matuerd teacher of oppositte sex practically…

I am talking such out of my experience,I have lived miserable life…I remained un touched before marriage & I got married at the age of 24 & lived 21 years of so called pure married miserable life…. I was unable to enjoy sex not more than two minutes..& I got discharged… & having cotineous suppressing my bilogical & mental desire & I was feeling 'SINNER'inside….

At the age of 42 I came in contact of an Indian mystic OSHO.... It took 10 years to remove my old conditiongs… I came in contact with another female friend who was also in the same situations… & both of us explored different dimensions.. She is also married & we would have met just for 25 times in our life & our last meeting in sex was for six hours… & both of us got quenched our thirst…

I feel that there might be other such people… I wish to  support them.

02:59 AM Mar 04 2008 |

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i think anyboby should be learn, and maybe should be study, especially introverted person,really!! Good sex life maybe will decide you life.wheather gril or man.

06:10 AM Mar 04 2008 |




im all for it,sex that is

it's better than sliced bread (look that one up)

at 39 i can't have sex now, gee i'm glad i had lots when i was younger 

06:17 AM Mar 04 2008 |



Dear Shadoww,

Man had refined the whole life.. we are not living natural life & every dimension of life has been develloped multi folds.

& every new born starts life from the point at where ho took birth…& whole thing depends upon the parents & society' what to teach & what not to teach… we taught..see the dimension of our food… We extract milk of animals & using it feels it as  a  natural food…but whih is develloped one..

I feel in India  a great work was done to transfer the knowledge of sex to the offsprings in ancient times…but now it is not searched..& considered bad part of life.. all religions abandoned sex .. & all of us feels somewhere guilty inside.. no research has been made up to now  Except "osho' who gave importance to this dimensions of life.

Why to learn by own when we teach every dimension knowingly… what is the fear..

but I also agree to your point that ,one can learn by himself but upto very small extent.. In west there is no fear in going for sex but see their life …what they have develloped is total artficial & extrovert things… nothing existential has been researched.. & see the produce of of OSHO who have given the ways to explore consciousness out of sex… which we have to explore by ourself or experienced one.. but we are given map to search…

03:38 AM Mar 05 2008 |




In this times,sex look likes more and more particular.In my country,a lot of  young boys and grils have tasr sex.But few of them konw what is sex! They just wanna a exciting feeling!Sometimes sex is art ,but sometimes sex is the drug.it makes people lose his or her thought beause of their wrong understanding.So I think the right sex eye is very very important!

04:04 AM Mar 05 2008 |



yes i think we should learn sex.. we should learn the good and bad things about sex.

05:16 AM Mar 05 2008 |

jaafar ali



I like to share about the flwg sub item: 

I need just to say that religions and especially Islam are not against.

In the contrary, Islam organises all things of life and manages them

in a propor and understandable way and according to the age of each person.

Sex is among these things that Isalm ensures its explanation at the right time

and make a balance yes a balnce between the desires of the sprit and the body.

thank you for listening to me.

08:56 AM Mar 05 2008 |





great subject

i believe in sex first

trust me, things change

some people save their whole sex life to love the one they marry. then to find it doesnt quite turn you on like you thought?

be truthful girls, do you wish your man was brad pitt? 

10:02 AM Mar 05 2008 |




I don't believe in sex before marrige  and learning about sex . Its natural proces and people can do it accordind to their ablity. If a person has nothing inside what would he do by learning sex. A boy can do better sex than a matured person having nothing  inside.

Do not go against rules of religions , There is no religion which allows  followers to practice sex.


01:19 PM Mar 05 2008 |



I believe in teaching abstinance, which means waiting to have sex until you are married. 

06:41 PM Mar 05 2008 |



Friends, No we should not learn sex.. because that will make us happy & no religion wants us to make happy,if everyone becomes happy he will not seek God in churches,in temples,in musks,every religion wants us to remain confined up to our married partner only,that's why every religion made codes of conduct for marriages. & the devil of religion enters us in this or that way.. & one way is to keep the woman virgin.. but sexuality is allowed.. because it is beyond controll.. no religion can controll our thinking process & we continue by imagining inside ,hence nobody is realiable here in this life.. everybody varies from inside & nobody is ready to show his orginal face.. just because out fear that what others will say..& everyone feels sinner inside & hence an God is required to forgive our sins.. so we have to temples churches & musks in to get pardoned.& by this way the business of religion moves.. A woman with closed nose(not to smell)& abandend to taste, is trying to prepare delicious food for his man ,who she will know what she is preparing…?

What is better sex… how can you judge.. o& we have develloped every dimension of life except sex & we are still animals in this context..

02:14 AM Mar 06 2008 |