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Goodbye Summer Clothes

Goodbye Summer Clothes

Date: Oct 16 2007

Themes: Fashion, Weather


1. Learn Vocabulary - Learn some new vocabulary before you start the lesson.

2. Read and Prepare - Read the introduction and prepare to hear the audio.

What’s your favorite thing about summer? All the warmth and sun? The swimming you get to do?

Or is it your summer clothes and all the skin you get to show off?

Up here in the Northern Hemisphere, summer is officially over. We’ve hung up our sandals and tank tops and brought out the boots and jackets. Amanda and Mason aren’t happy about it either.


1. Listen and Read - Listen to the audio and read the dialog at the same time.

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2. Study - Read the dialog again to see how the vocab words are used.





Mason:  Remember back in, like, two months ago when we actually got to wear our warm weather clothes?

Amanda:  Yeah, when it was in the triple digits?

Mason:  As opposed to this gloom.

Amanda:  I know.

Mason:  I tell ya. Those were the days.

Amanda:  I’m wearing socks. Closed-toed shoes. Trousers.

Mason:  I hate, hate wearing socks. It’s like the worst possible thing ever.

Amanda:  I agree. What’s the point of getting a pedicure if I can’t even flash off my toe cleavages. Right?

Mason:  Toe cleavages? I don’t know. Quite frankly, the funny thing, as much as I hate wearing the socks, I can’t stand wearing shorts. It’s like something about that, my chicken legs show and I just don’t even want anyone to see that.

Amanda:  You know the benefit of not having to wear summer clothes, is you don’t really have to care about hygiene. You can be pale. You can be hairy. You don’t even have to put on deodorant because you’re all covered up.

Mason:  I completely disagree.

Amanda:  Really?



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Amanda and Mason fondly remember when it was over 100 degrees Fahrenheit (about 38 degrees Celsius).

Mason is bummed because he has to wear socks now. Amanda has on pants and shoes instead of sandals and a skirt. She wishes she could show her well-kept feet.

Mason says that one thing he doesn’t miss about summer is shorts. He thinks his legs look funny coming out of them. That reminds Amanda of her favorite thing about winter clothes: they cover you up. You don’t have to be tan or even clean because no one can tell what you look or smell like under all those clothes!

Mason is appalled.

Do you prefer summer or winter clothes?



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Russian Federation

 Of course, it is nice  to wear light  dresses and tank tops in summer season.But it is becoming colder and colder  here now, and  I have to put them away , but fortunately, not for a long of time, as I am am going to Thailand in the end of november . It will be great to enjoy summer again .   


09:17 PM Oct 09 2014 |




It’s a hard time for me to say goodbye to summer clothes.Summer is full of freedom and happiness,I can wear T-shirts with graffitis.But in winter one can only dress himslef like a bear,and don’t look smart,it’s annoying.

02:03 PM Jan 19 2013 |



Saudi Arabia

I like winter because.. it's the season for HOT beverages.. HOT coco,, Hot ginger-spiced milk ,,of course tea and coffee. :)in order to get the spirit of winter,, you have to have this HUGE brown mug and.. fill it with one of those beverage.. put on your favourtie coat,, go set in your front yard..and just feel the spirit of winter :) .yea..and,,have some one with you,,  gaze  at the beautiful winter night sky,, filled with gorgeous winter stars,,

 and what's even better?! a beautiful winter morning talk ,, talk about the sweet fond winter memories,, yea,,

 when the blue sky is showing up between layers of clouds :)  and the sweet cold fresh air..do the job of refreshing your memories, 

winter is the time for families to gather around the fire,, celebrate the most special time of the year,,


 time for hearing wind talking to the trees, and the trees talking back by dancing to it ,, -it's time for peace :),


Blow, Blow, Thou Winter Wind


09:16 PM Nov 24 2007 |



Saudi Arabia

lol..funny..amanda sooner or later you’re gonna have to take off that coat!!!
be EXTRA careful :)

07:30 PM Nov 24 2007 |




I like summer more than winter this is my opinion. But I think that everything exist for its own purpose and Good knows about it. And I have a beautiful quote about Spring an summer I would like to share it with you. “If Winter comes, can Spring be far behind?" what I understand is that everything exist for its own purpose. It is not a question whether you like it or not. It goes beyond our expectations. In life there should be sort of balance and if there is love there is hate, if there is day there is night, if there is summer there is winter and if  there is fire there is water. everyone of them complete the other.Life will be meaningless without these things don't agree with me!

05:14 PM Nov 24 2007 |




i like winter.coz here in pakisatan summer period is very hot and long.


06:40 AM Nov 22 2007 |




i like summer despite it is verry hot here in the sahara in the south of algeria.

11:49 AM Oct 22 2007 |



I like all. Here in Hungary the weather is in winter not very cold, in summer not very hot. But the best time (for me) is autumn and springtime. Now when we look through the window every leafs are brown, yellow, red…. It's beautiful!!!!!!:)

06:39 PM Oct 21 2007 |

Kiko Wang

Kiko Wang


i'd like spring and autumn.

they're not too hot or too cold in china..


04:31 AM Oct 21 2007 |




My country is sunny and hot all year round.

11:24 PM Oct 20 2007 |




I like spring and autumn. Spring is very nice because I remember to birth. Autumn is very nice because I remember to death.

Each is very good. 

I m dreaming, now. Slowly slowly rain and I m walking with T-shirt and short… and then I m looking weather. I like crash my face (rain or snowflakes).  ....

08:43 PM Oct 20 2007 |

Kiko Wang

Kiko Wang



04:11 PM Oct 20 2007 |




 I  like summer , because I could not resist cold !

08:14 AM Oct 20 2007 |



I prefer fall season

12:29 AM Oct 20 2007 |



i love fall and spring....when you can wear sweats and shorts….^....i love nature's death and nature's rise….^

04:27 PM Oct 19 2007 |



I prefer the days when I don't need to turn on the heater or the air conditioning. If I have to choose a hot day or cold day, I'd say a hot day because my feet are always cold in the winter and I'm reluctant to get up, so I easily overslept in the winter, but in the summer I'm always afraid to play games on my Xbox 360 or on my PC, sometimes my xbox seems to be almost melting in the hot days, it gets so hot that if I don't turn air con on it'll sure to go burn.

03:13 PM Oct 19 2007 |



I like both the summer and winter but winter is more comfort to sleep, do you agree with me ?

12:50 PM Oct 19 2007 |



Your favorite season because you're a beautiful rose.

12:30 PM Oct 19 2007 |


South Korea

 Actually, I dislike summer and winter seasons. These things are too cold and too hot for me. I like full and spring seasons. If I choose one that is winter and summer I’ll choose summer.

10:50 AM Oct 19 2007 |



United States

I adore summer in spite of ita hot Cool

We can wear light clothes and get sun baths :)


05:33 PM Oct 18 2007 |

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