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sink in

sink in

Date: Mar 05 2009


1. Quote - Listen to the quote and guess what the slang means.

“It is starting to sink in right now. Oh my God. I won an Oscar.”

-Actress Kate Winslet after accepting an Academy Award for Best Actress.(skynews.com)


1. Definition - Study the definition.

become clearly known or understood

2. Use - Learn how the slang is used.

Did you see Kate Winslet’s acceptance speech at the Academy Awards last week? It was so cute. She couldn’t believe she’d won. She was so surprised, it was difficult for her to speak. She was shaking and struggling to catch her breath.

Eventually, the fact that she had won sunk in for Kate. Sometimes, when really important things happen to us, we can’t understand them at first. We’re so shocked that it takes us a while to fully realize what has happened. After some time has passed, the information finally sinks in.

Usually, when something takes a long time to sink in, it’s either really, really good or really, really bad. For example, when someone very close to us dies, it might take some time for us to accept their death. The fact that they are gone doesn’t sink in right away. Facts or information can also take a long time to sink in. If you’re bad at remembering names and dates, the information in your history book won’t sink in unless you study really hard.

The verb sink means go to the bottom of something. If you drop a toaster into a bathtub full of water, it will sink to the bottom of the tub. (Just make sure there isn’t anyone in the bathtub when you do this.) So when something sinks in it goes to the very bottom of your mind or heart. You understand it completely.


1. Examples - Hear some example sentences.

“The fact that my parents were getting a divorce didn’t sink in until the day my father moved out of our house. “

“Nothing the professor said during his lecture sank in, so I didn’t do very well on the test. “

“The exciting news that his wife is pregnant has not sunk in yet.”


1. Winners - See who guessed the slang definition correctly.

VOLTS it means that something becomes clear.
by VOLTSSuper Member!
VOLTS slowly she began understand what happened
by VOLTSSuper Member!
Zeerak Become clear in one's mind or make someone conciouse to believe.
by Zeerak
Eydo sink in (of words or facts) become fully understood.
by Eydo
云淡风轻 become clear or understand
by 云淡风轻
Diana89 She begins to realize what it means to her that she won an oscar.
by Diana89
gambler To start figuring out what is happening.
by gambler
redemptor She is realizing what has happened to her.
by redemptor
Lady V to sink in means to gradually understand
by Lady V
AMJAD_87 to be become fully understood of an idea, fact, information ... I'm waiting my prize impatiently ...
by AMJAD_87
She is starting to absorb the fact of win an Oscar.
by simone berti

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Viet Nam

my dog died, the first i didn't sink in. i looked around and i has still seen his shape, his actions. then i've never raised the others.

02:33 PM Jun 15 2009 |

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to hold one's breath…just guessing

01:46 AM Mar 27 2009 |



just kip going

04:54 PM Mar 15 2009 |



hi this is the second time i write to you !!!hha


01:47 AM Mar 14 2009 |



United Arab Emirates


skin in is to impact deeply

 great actor


02:42 PM Mar 11 2009 |

Otonashi Saya

Saudi Arabia

 I suffer from a bad memory , for me  English vacabulary take alot of time to be sunk in .. 

   what do you think Smile? ? !!

01:01 PM Mar 11 2009 |




hi all

11:53 PM Mar 10 2009 |




10:00 PM Mar 10 2009 |

zhong yulu

zhong yulu


I saw Kate's speech at the Acadamy Awards, but i have no idea what 'sink in' means. Now i know, really happy~

10:53 AM Mar 10 2009 |

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I like her as an actress and The Reader was good, but didn't she behave a little funny when she was talking to the media that time? She was kinda overdoing it.

06:32 PM Mar 09 2009 |




It means like that the friend Sergio said “to drop the plug”,for ex,”just dropped the plug now,the meaning this expression”! hahaha

01:08 PM Mar 09 2009 |

saeed ul hassan


Hellow friend


you are to quete.i cannot explain in word how r u quet.

07:14 AM Mar 09 2009 |




i think that the slang   sink in means  pass through

02:39 AM Mar 09 2009 |



hi haha

01:37 PM Mar 08 2009 |


Viet Nam


11:00 AM Mar 08 2009 |


United States

it is not nice thing . it is so as the words

03:10 AM Mar 08 2009 |



best expression

07:18 PM Mar 07 2009 |



it is very hard to believe for her to won the oscar, when she receive oscar then she start to realize.

05:02 PM Mar 07 2009 |




hi..how r u?

02:56 PM Mar 07 2009 |




hi..niceto meet u..

02:55 PM Mar 07 2009 |

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