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Odd One Out

Odd One Out English, baby! Video Lesson

Date: Oct 06 2009

Themes: Soap Opera, Work

Grammar: Future Progressive Tense


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It’s hard to be left out. Not getting something you want is disappointing enough, but your friends or the people around you get something you don’t, that’s even worse. People usually go out of their way to make sure no one feels left out. For instance, Jewish families in countries that celebrate Christmas started giving presents for Hanukkah so their kids wouldn’t feel left out of all the gift giving.

Last week, Devan told her friends they would have to apply for jobs at her new company, that they can’t just have them like they had thought. So everyone applied for the job they wanted, and all but one got hired. Who do you think is the odd one out?

3. Watch - Watch the video without reading the dialog.


1. Listen and Read - Listen to the audio and read the dialog at the same time.

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2. Study - Read the dialog again to see how the vocab words are used.













Devan:  I have to say, there were a lot of very qualified applicants for your job.

Dale:  OK.

Devan:  But I finally narrowed it down to two this morning after my fourth interview with you, and the other guy smacked his gum while he was talking, so I gotta say, I’m giving you the job. Congratulations. It’ll be a pleasure working with you.

Dale:  Yes! Thank you! Thank you!

Devan:  I’ve decided to make you the Assistant to the Regional Manager.

Jason:  Isn’t that what Ella wanted?

Devan:  Shh. Don’t tell. But yeah. Congratulations.

Ella:  Hello.

Devan:  So, I looked at your resume and it didn’t make the job for Assistant to the Regional Manager, but you’re going to be the Assistant to the Assisstant to the Regional Manager.

Ella:  Oh my gosh, yes!

Devan:  Hey Mason.

Mason:  Hey boss.

Devan:  I have to say, you have a really impressive resume. You didn’t have a lot of janitor experience, but…

Mason:  Give me a chance. I can do it.

Devan:  You got the job.

Mason:  I won’t let you down.

Devan:  Hey, could you do me a favor?

Mason:  Yeah.

Devan:  Will you take out the trash on your way out?

Mason:  No prob, boss.

Devan:  Thank you.

Marni:  Hi. Alright. I know everybody else got jobs, so what am I gonna do?

Devan:  Marni.

Marni:  Yes?

Devan:  I called your references, and I think…one of them just really didn’t have good things to say about you.

Marni:  I’m not sure who this is, but they were clearly lying.

Devan:  I don’t know, she was actually…We had a great conversation. We had a lot of fun, we talked for like an hour and a half. But she did not have really good things to say about you, and I just can’t take that kind of risk with my company. You understand, right?

Marni:  No!

Devan:  Don’t take it personal, OK? We’ll still be friends.

Marni:  Don’t take it personal, we’ll still be friends?

Devan:  I still like you better than pretty much everyone else, especially Ella, but I mean…

Marni:  And yet you’re giving her a job and not me.

Devan:  I’m sorry.

Marni:  Well. I see how it’s gonna be. You won’t be hearing the last of me.

Devan:  Are you still coming over for dinner tonight?

Marni:  No. I don’t want your pity food.


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It sounds like applying to work at Devan’s company is a stressful process. One guy didn’t get hired because he made a noise while chewing gum! But one by one, all of Devan’s friends come in and are told they have a job. Marni is the last one to speak with Devan and since everyone else was hired, she assumes she will be too.

But it turns out that one of Marni’s references didn’t check out. Devan says she is not going to hire her because of it. Marni storms off and says this isn’t the last Devan will hear from her. Devan asks if she’ll come over for dinner and she says no.

What do you think Marni is going to do? Can you remember a time when you were left out or when someone made a special effort to include you?



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Russian Federation

Yeah, that is unpleasant, but I just do not understand Marni. she even didn't ask what was wrong from her references and didn't try to do anything except being angry at Devan (that is definitely not of her good sides. From the other side, if she is a good worker, probably it is  a fate to get a better job because I am  sure that "everything is happening is happening for a good". I can be mistaken with this quotation, does anybody know that for sure?!

05:39 PM Oct 06 2009 |

siberian tigger


I think that it is not funny when you do not get your main goal, but you or we have to go ahead with our project whatever happens.

Thanks a lot fellas


03:50 PM Oct 06 2009 |




I don't understand what Marni meant with '' You won't be hearing the last of me." And luckily I never was been to such a situation.

03:38 PM Oct 06 2009 |




We have 2 take it easy…And we  know it's never simple never easy

12:38 PM Oct 06 2009 |

»Mẽ ẳŊď Ŭ«-

United Arab Emirates

like son like fahter

11:27 AM Oct 06 2009 |


Viet Nam

Really unbeleivable ! these people are hired, why a good guy left out ! I can understand her dissappointment ! what a pity ! but such a life ! a better job is waiting you ahead ! dont worry, upset ! tomorrow is a new day ! always keep being optimistic, then we will get what we want in someday as long as we are patient enough !

07:38 AM Oct 06 2009 |




i often feel being left out, you know, i worked for two group in my dep. and now i am in process of applying for the third group. why i did it is that i often feel being left out, and often feel intranquil. I think i should change my temperament

06:55 AM Oct 06 2009 |




 Good,but it's a "super application"!

06:48 AM Oct 06 2009 |




However it’s a “super application”!

06:46 AM Oct 06 2009 |



I was left out of one job last year due to bad performance in aptitude i felt so much bad after that i prepared lot for aptitude,now aptitude is my plus.

06:43 AM Oct 06 2009 |




Yeah,of course,I did go through some kind of  experience to be left out ,which I will never forget.It was a hard time for me to see others get what they want ,and I was the odd one out!So Marni ,I am on your side ,come on ,keep your confidence and one day you will show them! 

05:26 AM Oct 06 2009 |




If all my classmates get a jop in the Job Fair which is on the way, but me! The result would disappoint me so deep.

05:07 AM Oct 06 2009 |




It is hard to say.Aplying the job for everyone is hard thing to expect to get the good result.Generally I always hold the common heart to get the common result cause of it's result sometimes is not decided by you but other lucky tings.

03:59 AM Oct 06 2009 |

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