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What does "freaky" mean?

Vocabulary Word: freaky

1. Definition (expr.) strange, abnormal, unusual, special, different from the rest
(Freaky can have either a positive or negative connotation. A ghost or a scary monster can be freaky, but so can an amazing athlete or a talented musician.)

Examples “Jeff can jump so high. He’s less than six feet tall, but he can easily dunk a basketball. It’s freaky.”

Examples “My mom has a freaky memory. She can remember everything. She even remembers things from 30 years ago.”

Examples “That guy looks freaky. I think we should stay away from him. Let’s cross to the other side of the street.”

Examples “I went to a haunted house last year on Halloween. It was really freaky. I was scared the whole time.”

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2. Definition (adj.) strange, weird and scary

Examples Cemeteries are really freaky at night.

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3. Definition (adj.) strange and scary

Examples We crossed the street and walked on the other side because there were some creepy people hanging out on the sidewalk.

Examples It was freaky when the TV turned on by itself in the middle of the night.

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4. Definition (adj.) strange, weird

Examples I don’t understand why he acted like that. It was really freaky.

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I always feel uncomfortable when I face him because he  always dressed  so freaky and  behaved so freaky.

09:54 PM Apr 08 2015 |

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