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What does "trick" mean?

Vocabulary Word: trick

1. Definition (v.) joke, prank, or manipulation

Examples Marshall played a trick on me and convinced me to give him a bunch of money I didn’t owe him. Jerk.

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2. Definition (n.) information that can help make something easier

Examples The makeup artist gave the women many different tricks to make their eyes look bigger.

Examples The trick to driving in Mexico City is to let someone do it for you!

Examples There’s a trick to opening the door. Push down on the knob as you turn it.

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3. Definition (n.) special thing that clever dogs can do when given commands

Examples I want to teach my dog a new trick. He already knows how to shake, roll over, and speak.

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4. Definition (v.) manipulate; convince someone to do something in an unfair way

Examples When we were kids, my older brother always tried to trick me into doing his chores.

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There was a trick in foreign policy between Iran and western countries back in 70 ’s .
The conclusion was Islamic government . While the allies have not realized that their plans was not worked for Islamic dogmatic leader of Iran . It is obvious trick for Iranian people .

05:04 AM Jan 21 2016 |

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