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What does "mellow" mean?

Vocabulary Word: mellow

1. Definition (v.) calm down; relax

Examples She was very hyper early in the day but she mellowed out by late afternoon.

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3. Definition (adj.) not excited; relaxed

Examples I was feeling really mellow yesterday, so I stayed home and cleaned my kitchen.

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4. Definition (expr.) relaxed, laid-back, calm, pleasant

Examples You need to be mellow man. I don’t understand why you’re

Examples so angry. Just relax for a while and you’ll feel better.

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5. Definition (adj.) relaxed, easy-going; not stressful, not exciting

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6. Definition (adj.) relaxed; calm

Examples I wanted to party and have a crazy time, but when we got there the bar was very mellow.

7. Definition (adj.) not excited, relaxed

Examples I was listening to some mellow music this afternoon and it made me a little sleepy.

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8. Definition (n.) Easy-going, laid back. At ease, comfortable.

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9. Definition (n.) relaxed, not stressful, easy going.

Examples I love spending mellow Sunday afternoons laying in the sun and relaxing.

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10. Definition (adj.) laid back; low-energy; relaxed

Examples I just want to have a mellow night tonight. Can we rent a video and stay home?

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if i want to spend a mellow day…kisses are the best idea :)

10:46 PM Feb 19 2015 |




There is nothing better than a mellow weekend after a busy week.

08:58 AM Jan 05 2015 |



Dad’s voice is deep n mellow n his speech has a smoothing n comforting quality.

12:50 PM Aug 02 2014 |

jeanietanslieSuper Member!


Need a mellow holiday \=D/
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So much cute sticker there just downloadd it and lets chat and have fun \=D/

12:23 PM Jul 31 2014 |



obaidullaharman   is my skype id if someone want to help me to learn english please add me i am online right now

05:36 AM Jul 20 2014 |



hi everyone :)

05:01 PM Jul 19 2014 |

green s@il


Where s the chat form

01:56 AM Jul 19 2014 |




Yesterday was my mellow day since it was my off ;)

07:32 AM Sep 16 2013 |



Iran, Islamic Republic Of

i wanna have mellow life but sometimes it goes opposite way…

06:31 PM Sep 12 2013 |

Libyan spirit

Libyan Arab Jamahiriya

I’ll mellow after exams


08:09 PM Aug 27 2013 |

zhaleh hoor

Iran, Islamic Republic Of

After taking a shower i really feel mellow.

07:16 PM Jul 19 2013 |

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