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What does "trip" mean?

Vocabulary Word: trip

1. Definition (expr.) think bad thoughts, feel bad, worry, be concerned
Trip can also mean:
think weird thoughts, feel strange, act weird

Examples “I don’t mean to trip out on you, but I have the feeling you’re not telling me the truth. Tell me again. Where were you last night?”

Examples “Eric tripped out on me last night. He started telling me he was totally in love with me and wanted to marry me. It’s weird because we’ve only known each other for two weeks.”

Examples “Dianne went to India last month. She said it was a trip because there were cows walking around in the streets.”

Examples “The movie Requiem for a Dream is probably the trippiest movie I’ve ever seen. You should definitely see it.”

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2. Definition (n.) adventure, travel

Examples I took a trip to Costa Rica last year. I want to go back this year.

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3. Definition (v.) fall or almost fall; take a wrong step

Examples Watch where you’re going or you’ll trip!

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4. Definition (n.) something strange or surprising

Examples Wow, that movie was sure a trip! I didn’t expect the ending at all!

Examples Have you ever been to a laser light show? It’s such a trip!

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