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Viet Nam

February 5, 2009

being a sophomore, we must attend a military course

the first time:


-get up at 5.30am, do the morning exercises, have breakfast

-wear uniform, study from 6.30 am to 10am

-have lunch at 10

-go on studying from 1.30pm to 4pm

-have bath then have dinner at 4.30pm

-go to bed at 10pm



*HAVE MEALS LIKE THAT. at the time for meals, each took his own bowl n his own chopsticks go to the dining room. there were abt over 200 people there. all from our university n 2 other colleges

the feeling at the first day: WE ARE LIVING IN A HELL!!!!!!!!

AWFUL felt asleep all day n had a headache coz of familiar to stay in bed late.not familiar to the food so had a little n felt really hungry the rest day.study in the air sitting on a chair n must take notes without a table. THE MILITARY UNIFORM is also the nightmare. Its too lousy while im too small. felt worried all day coz the loosy trourses can make me have an embarrassing prob.

but after the first week we felt familiar with it. we felt happy coz of having time to be together with the members in the class, telling stories, playing cards, kniting scarfs, hanging out when we didn't have to study.


THE DAY when a thief broke into our room when we were sleeping n took away 3 cell phones. everyone s sad n felt uncomfortable coz people began to be suspicious  of one another. then everything was fine coz we have evidence to show that a man from outside did it.

THE DAYS we had to do duties at night. everyone slept while we had to sit at a table outside and guard for everyone. first we were very frightened but then felt interested in that job. the air at that time was wonderful, the peace, the stars on the sky the sweet voice of a man that we didn't know who he is. he sang almost every night at a fixed time with his gitiar . the songs are really sad as if he had broken up with his girlfriends .

THE DAY we sang karaoke. the first time all 12 members in our room hang out together. all were very crazy, sang with their own strength n interest. we had food on the streets, painted small statues for ourselves. really cool. on the way coming back we ran n screamed the slogan of our room:" S3.4.7 is number one"

THE DAY we had to help the cooks prepare meals for all people. the first time we ve seen  so much food n had to serve so may people like that. on that day there were a couple they ate very slowly while others all finished. 25 members in our class looked at them with an uncomfortable eyes but they seem not to care. we then stood in a row n went around their table for few times. luckily we won, they had to give up.......hahhahahahha

THE DAY we fired a real gun- also the last day. some girls cried a lot when they took 3 bullets on their hand. i myself really scared but had no choice. we must do it . it s compulsory. after firing the first one, i seem not to see anything, and can hear clearly the beat of my heart. kept going n believe it or not after finished my commission, i was really interested n wanted to fire more. i collected 3 bullet casings to mark the day i had chance to took a real gun n really fired it.

THE DAY coming back HA NOI, coming back our university. we all felt happy but in our heart we can never forget this place. the place contains a lot of our memories!!!!!!  

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07:47 AM Feb 05 2009

Viet Nam

u know. when u told about the terrible night when i lost my cellphone. i'm a bit sad( i should keep up my heart hehe). Anyway, i feel happy to have spent time with our classmates in VP. 

we were very cheer, right, without that we didnt have water always >.> :x 

07:28 AM Feb 05 2009

sehne zurich
Viet Nam

Well i must say tht u reminded me the time when we were there. and the saddest thing is tht i'm one of the 3 ppl who lost cell phones there. Cry. But i dont regret abt it when there were a lot of friends around me who were willing to help me in tough time. U'r one of them. Thank u so much! Smile

Hope u be fine all the time, my friend.

Best regards,


07:04 AM Feb 05 2009




r u serious!!?

some of my friends from china did that before

they said it's only for boy=  =

i never knew that girls need to do it ,too

what else can i say=  =

take care

it's going to be exhause after training!!