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July 18, 2009

I have decided to live a regular life, so tonight I won't stay up too late. After this diary, I am going to bed. Well, this is really an early time for me to go sleeping on Saturday night, but it's good for my health.

I couldn't get up early in the morning, as a result I had to give up my breakfast in order to not to be late for work. Well, maybe because I was too lazy, although I went to bed always a little later every night. Today I didn't have breakfast, and I felt very hungry in the whole morning, so I didn't have enough energy to do my work well in the company. What's worse is that I felt unconfortable about my body, even my mind. You can imagine that there was nothing in my stomach but only some water. Yesterday I didn't have breakfast either. Frankly, these days I ate little. Due to this lack of the breakfast, I didn't feel good the whole day.

Why do you always starve yourself? You of course can be late for work, if it's for breakfast, as breakfast is for your health. I just didn't realize this point, always thinking that I was still young and had a good body. But these days I have realized that if I don't care of my body enough now, I will lose it some day sooner or later. So, never leave yourself starved, nothing is more important than your health. After all, a good body is the foundation of everything. It's easy for you to do this, just get up 10 munites earlier every morning, then you will be always healthy and full of energy for you work.

Never starve yourself again! Health is the most important thing, to you, to every one. Don't regret when you lose it, but learn to cherish it when you still own it!

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05:11 PM Jul 18 2009


Syrian Arab Republic

great larrychen coz you discover this as for me I didn`t eat my breakfast and I didn`t sleep early,but you`re right we have to keep our health so I`ll try