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July 28, 2009

Sometimes I am afraid to make changes in my life, coz I have to pay much for the changes. I just don't like to suffer so much for the unknown changes which may be in my control as I wish, or may be out of my control. So, you see that, I am not that brave enough. But as young guys, sometimes we do need to make some changes. Otherwise, our life will be the same as it used to be for ever. We do need something different, we do need to experience something more exciting and riskful in some way. So, you have to go overboard sometimes.

I got my this first job after I graduated from school last year. I love this kind of job, but meanwhile I am not so satisfied with something else here, as the payment for example. So, some day I have to make a career shift, to a different place, to experience more. Well, but I am not sure when to do this, as I always feel that I am not yet prepared full enough for the coming changes. Be brave, and more courageous. Althouth I am not ready yet, the day will come sooner or later. Our life need changes, for better enjoying~~~

So, now, make yourself stronger and more competent, for a more beautiful tomorrow! There is so much for you to do, but remember one point, chances are always there for those who are ready to accept them.

I am working and studying hard, as a good student!

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View all entries from World In One Sand >

09:42 AM Jul 28 2009

Viet Nam

Change maybe good or bad for us. But if we do not change then our life is the same for everyday. A change helps us better in our life. 

Thanks for your blog. I feel more confident to give a change for the future when I read it. Cool

09:34 AM Jul 28 2009

Fish Chen

Fish Chen

it seems you are standing at the crossroad, turn right or turn left? or keep the way.'be or not to be,that's a question.' we know that to change is by no means a easy things,but as you said,we should be a brave man.

i also like my job,but the culture of the company makes me choke, i am also at the crossroad,i will take a turn at the cross,how about you?

good luck