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July 22, 2009

Yes, you should work hard, at Ebaby for English, and at your company for a better future. Frankly, it is a good chance for me to study what I need in the coming career life, which will make me feel more confident. I just graduated from the university last year, there is so much in the society that I don't know. So, what I can do is still to work hard.

You should learn how to do your work well, so that you can choose your own job to do and show your talent in the work.

You should try to master English, as although you have studied it for many many years, you still are not confident enough to use it. you need chances~~~

You also need to learn to love someone, because we cann't live alone, we all need love and a lover. When you want to travel, you have someone with you, when you go to the cimema for a film, there is someone sitting beside you.

But for all of these, you need to work hard. Sometimes you should learn to act more bravely, to search for what you really want, for what you really desire! Work hard to defeat yourself, is also a lesson for you to learn. It is really not so easy for one to overcome himself. But, you should and you will!

So, work hard, for what you want! Life should be enjoyed, full of love.

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02:32 PM Jul 22 2009


Syrian Arab Republic

I`m with you in your all points and we have to be strongs and smart for choosing our good jobs