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August 1, 2009

I want to be more confident with my life, then I can love it heart and soul. It's really not a big deal to be alone sometimes, because all of us have to learn how to deal with the lonely time. We shouldn't be alone all the time, as we do need another heart to love and to be loved. However, that's not all of what life means. When you are alone, you can feel so free, you can do whatever you want to in your own way. It is not easy to deal with someone else well enough, but neither is it eary to deal with yourself. Most of the time, we are just dealing with others around us, but in fact we know so little about ourselves. So, we also need time and hard work to get to know more and better about ourselves.

What's your dreams or do you still keep your dreams? Are you coming nearer and nearer to them or farther and farther from them? What is that you really want to do? What is that you haven't done but you want to do? For us, to something, if we don't do it now, we will never get the chance to do it! Believe it or not, please don't leave too much regret to you, in the future. Learn to love your life more, as you are still so young, you have enough time to look for what you really want and who you really love. We need to live together, but we also should learn to live alone.

Try to travel to a faraway place by yourself, maybe you will know more about yourself. We should not only know well about others but also about ourselves. Have you known enough about yourself? If not, try to know more!

Since we get a chance to live our life, why not live it more meaningful and more confident.

Just love it!!!

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