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July 29, 2009

I am going to have been in work for one whole year, in the next month. So, I will get the right to ask for an annual vacation. These days I am not so busy with my daily work, and most of the time I am studying and trying to understand some theories about my work. I love this feeling, just kinda like the life while at school. I love studying and researching, such feeling is great. But as you have left the school, most of the time you must try to create fortune for your company. To study the new technology is just for making more chances for the fortune.

I miss my family a lot, and I miss my grandma so much. I want to visit her as long as I can afford the time. So I am just considering of asking for a long annual leave in the next month to go home. My hometown is a small village which is very beautiful. I love the little river in front of the country, I love the plants in the field, I love the trees beside the river, I love the water in the river and the fishes in the water. Mostly, I love the feeling to stay at home, it's so relaxing and happy.

I am looking forward to the coming vacation. It's also a good chance for me to have a good and quiet thinking about my future.

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09:14 PM Jul 29 2009


Hi Larry...

I love your entries...I follow you...