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March 20, 2011


     March and april finally come to my land. Depressing and diffucult days finish and, the sun start showing its face.The nature  wakes up  from the sleep of  winter. 

            The spring always gives me hope and, somehow makes me remember smile. In some of morning , the hapiness cover  the inside of us without any reason. We hope something good will happen or without any good cause , a warm smile appear  at our face. 

     Even if we dont know the reason of this excitement,  it makes us happy. To tell the truth, having the fragrance of nature is enought to be happy. I think I miss the spring , the smell of green grass in early morning and the steam of dewdrops. I long for the chirp of birds  and the colourful flowers of fruit trees.

      Now , it is time we must give the love to gardens. The ground is cleaned  and refreshed. Maybe , somebody will be sad  because of  the lack of garden and ground. Let us live this enjoyment in the flowerpot or set a mini garden over balkony .To touch the ground  will take the negative energy from  your body.     

    The life  is meaning of labour. The life is meaning of  love. We should live a life with  loving  all things and noticing  the events around us . Do we realy  became aware of  coming the spring ? 


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