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March 28, 2011



        After a long diffucult journey, he decided to take a break along side of this nearby river at midday. The nature was incredibly beautiful in front of him. The sound of river' s water flowing over there totally southed his soul. The mixture of colourful trees and  flowers in harmony gave him a wonderful feast for his tired eyes.


     Loneliness was sometimes a precious gift for human being he whispered. With the abashed expression on his face , he suddenly noticed that there was a table hanging from a small tree's branch. Of course, the table didn't make him astonished, but what it was written. It was " eating stones was forbidden in the cave ". It looked utterly ridiculous. How could a man eat a stone ? He firstly thought there was someone who want him to be fooled or make merely a silly joke. Howover, the curiosity of conquireing elusiveness provide the impetus to  mystreous cave. In fact, he was just on the eve of putting an end of some questions digging his mind. A long distance travelling would suffice to focus on what he would do by leaving where he live.That’s why  he was at the unknown place where he was trying to rest. He had to make a decision about his life and then maintain the determination in the rest of his life.

    The lure of finding the reason of illogical caution led him to the cave. What he had to do  was just that he followed  the  sing over tablets  that show where the cave was. While passing each of tablets amidst trees, he thought of why he was so willing  to know  something strange , which was entirely implausible. Did it mean  that he would spent his time learning almost nothing and making effort in vain? Rather than  remaining  uncertain and unknown , this absurd sentence hadn’t to be  beyond his comprehension. Despite the fact he could be trapped , as for himself,  It would be worth taking a risk and then satisfy the necessity of learning crazy words. Finally , he could reach the cave that he was be able to grasp why it was written .When  he looked into cave , he couldn’t help getting goose pump all over  his body. The fate  played its role again  and then  secondly, something odd thing happened to him. In this isolated place and in enough big cave,  his worried eyes  were protruding from their cage at what he saw. 

To be continued


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View all entries from From BLUEKING >

07:56 PM May 11 2011


i love stories :)

11:59 PM Apr 03 2011

bystander :-)

'He had to make a decision about his life and then maintain the determination in the rest of his life.' - ....

...tough...but where is the next part ..or the end of your story :)

So invinting those pine trees around the cave from K...i :) it must have its legend too...