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March 15, 2013

    Being understood is a quite diffucult thing.I always remember this saying in my country. No matter how much you know, you can only know as much as one who speak with you.Moreover, words that are percieved are generally weak, some of which is quite straightforward and, spoken from the bottom of heart. 
      Of course, does not only this problem belong to me, but also everybody must take this issue serious.This article is not meant to clarify how we have a good communication.You can easly find a bunch of technical essays on the topic in ask. Althoght we accept that it must be a sine qua non for a good relation, at this writing, it will be wonderful to make our mind refresh about this issue.

      Last week, I run into one of my friends and then he started chatting like a non-stop talk.Oh my God,All I could do  made a plan to see his mouth shut up. Rather than a dialogue, it was just a trisome monologue. Oncely, I read a book that explain how we perfectly make friend.As long as I remember, Listening is more significant than good speaking according to this book.Leaving aside speaking without a comma and full stop,we have to give a chance for our interlocuter opening his mouth.Hence,if wanted to be appreceiated,we all have to be unimous in listening to each other.

     Maybe,grasping what people tell is more than words.It must be related on education,culture,history,behaviour,mimic,gender and etc.There are a large number of parameters we have to pay attention.In fact, something shouldn't been underestimated at all and also never exaggerated a lot. It can be said that the proplem is just for listener if we use a kind of clear and smooth language.That's right,why not if we are enought to perfectly convey the information and messages in our head to the avarege people at least.

      As to communication beetween the genders, we guys have to accept in advance that we should be a listeneer. A woman speak 35 thousand words a day.Can you guess how many words a man speak a day ? It is only about 10 thousand words a day. A man's brain is just working on the result, being in easy,clear and direct ways.However, women look at events deeply, and focus detailed things.They have got a wonderful memory in comparision of our very own.Yes,a man has to be a good listeener just beacuse of this differences I mentioned!

      It is so hard to spearate out them, being an orator or a good listener. Which one of them is more important, making the audience understood, or trying to understand by carefully listening.If you want me to select one of them by taking the trend of society and its problems into consideration, the latter is certainly my choice.

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