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May 11, 2011

  There was an old man who was wearing complately white dress in the center of this cave.With white beard and white dress as well, he lightened the dark cave like a candle. Young man was not able to believe what he see. How could this wise old man be in there and, moreover, his dress looked totally cleaned in the dusty isolated environtment.

All he saw had to be a dream or an illusion. He pinched himself to wake up in the implausible dream. By gathering all of his encouragement, he wanted to ask the meaning of the sentences written on the tablet.Suddenly , The old man, stayed without motion like a statue , started to look at him with his piercing eyes.

 - " Hey , my son, will you ask me what the sentence is meaning over the tablet " old man asked.


  Young man felt his shivering body. The old man had to read his mind so that this question was asked to him. The young man took a deep breath and subsequenly, he could say " yes ". He couldn't figure out why he felt excited too much and somewhat scared at the same time.


   The old wise man continue to tell the reality of the absurd sentences." My son , there are two reasons why this sentences were written on the tablet.Firstly, It must be weird so that you will have to be attracted to come the cave. "


    The old man  was absolutely all right. As a magnet, he found himself to be pulled into this cave.

    With his impressive voice, Old man continue to tell. " My son, secondly, You  have searched true love for a lot of years. It is not possible to find it in the possession, mortal one or insatiable desires. Even if we are not able to ignore them , they are not enought for soul. My son, you can't  satisfy your hunger by eating stones."

   Old man slowly standed up and added " It is time all words came to the end.It is no point speaking too much.Right now, go back to your home and think of what I say " 

   After a long diffucult journey, those who came into this mysterious cave found the reality of their existance at the end. Maybe, people can easly find a cave in their own heart where blossom the seed of hapiness. That something we see is too far away can be so close.


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